But since I chose to camp in the wild,Of course it’s impossible to do everything perfectly。

When everyone sits down and cooks,I don’t know who suggested it,I don’t even need a grill,Just roast it next to the fire。
“Wow,Really original ecology。”Rando sighed,Then I picked up a bottle of whiskey and slammed。
Of course Qin Feng paid for these,And Rando doesn’t drink it at all.,This may be because when Qin Feng put it on Chen Wensen’s big car before, he could see that there was plenty of everything.,Even dare to say that eating two meals may not be able to finish the food。
Into the night,There is not much light in the mountains,So you can see the night sky very clearly,Although it’s only 7 o’clock in the evening tomorrow,But the surroundings give people a sense of tranquility。Maybe it’s because even stargazers didn’t choose this mountain camping.。
For Qin Feng and Chen Wensen,Even if there is no oven,Just use the fire for barbecue,They can also make things delicious,This is a survival skill that has been practiced in various places all year round。
It’s just an hour,Lando drank two bottles of whiskey,His face was red in the firelight,Obviously a bit drunk。
“Ha ha,I was not like this before。”Rando was talking,Actually started to cry。Let alone Wang Mengmeng’s girls,Even Qin Feng looked dumbfounded。
What’s the matter with this person,Actually cried directly?
Is this going crazy??
Qin Feng couldn’t help but guess,But didn’t say anything,On the contrary, Li Huan may have been in Dongcheng all the time except for learning flying knife skills with the Flying Knife King.,So at this time I will ask very ordinary。
“Rando, what’s wrong with you?What’s on your mind?”