The old man in formal wear opened his eyes wide,Looking at Hu Lin without blinking,Amazed:“Missy?Miss Hu Lin?”

Hu Lin nodded,Frowned:“
Hu Jin, Chairman of Guangxin Bank, is my second uncle。I ask you to send troops to protect me immediately!and also,I want to contact the family directly。”
The old man nodded repeatedly,Smiled:“Ok,Ok!No problem at all!Missy,I’m Chen Baixing, the president of the border branch of Guangxin Bank,Happy to help you!”
“but,For safety reasons,Could you please show proof of identity?I want to verify my body。”The old man in formal clothes said with a smile。
This remark,Hu Lin was a little embarrassed,Her horned dragon armor is gone,I don’t have any documents to prove my identity,Except this face。
but,Plastic surgery technique with chaotic circles,The girl who wants to be Hu Lin,There are eight hundred without a thousand,Just by looks,It’s hard to prove that I am Hu Lin。
Seeing the lady’s face,The President Chen is still smiling,Said again:“It’s okay if it’s inconvenient,I will arrange to escort the two back to the branch first,Waiting for you to contact the family,It can also prove identity。”
Hear the other person so understanding,Hu Lin’s expression is loose,Smiled suddenly。
quickly,President Chen smiled and took out the communicator,Said hello,Soon,Three armored vehicles came,A team of heavily armed soldiers jumped from the car,They are all wearing the black security uniforms of Guangxin Bank,Handheld electromagnetic gun,Headband full-cover helmet,The awe-inspiring Hu Lin and Lu Menglin got in the car。
Lu Menglin calmly,Get in the car with pleasure,Sit upright。
Hu Lin has a rare opportunity to show off in front of Lord Wu Hao,Very good mood,Said with a smile:“These are the security of Guangxin Bank,Is also a private soldier of our Hu family,Their quality is first-rate,Well-equipped,All used are the best。”
“Ok,Really majestic。”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao。
His mind swept away,The combat power of these soldiers is clear at a glance,Compared with the flying soldiers in the outer hunting area,A bit worse,But the overall equipment is better than the ordinary infantry in Ye Korea,At first glance, it’s a troop made with a lot of money,As for actual combat power,Then only after you move your hands will you know。
The three chariots of Guangxin Bank show off,Swagger,Vehicles and pedestrians on the road gave way。
It seems that the Guangxin Bank controlled by the Hu family,Sure enough, he is very strong in Border City,But it’s normal to think about it,Why do they have a close relationship with the military,The backstage of this bank is the boss of the army,No wonder it’s so overbearing。
quickly,The chariot drove to the gate of a single-family courtyard。
This is a delicate and chic little yard,A row of green trees were planted in front of the door,Light branches and leaves,Dancing in the wind,Exuding bursts of fragrance,It is somewhat similar to the willow tree in the earth world,It’s just a little more scent than the willow。
I can tell,President Chen of Guangxin Bank,For Miss Hu Lin’s sudden arrival,Quite important,Arranged such a good foothold in such a short time,Full of sincerity。