How can the office worker do fitness at noon?

How can the office worker do fitness at noon?

Is lunch suitable for fitness exercises?

Professor Wang Anli, a doctoral supervisor in sports physiology at Beijing University of Physical Education, said: Before and after lunch, the first thing you should pay attention to is not to exercise immediately after eating, or to go to fitness if you are too full.

Because after eating, blood will flow to the digestive tract.

During exercise, blood flows into the limbs.

If you just eat and exercise, blood will flow from the digestive tract back to your limbs, which will affect digestion and absorption.

You can add a little food about half an hour before fitness, not too much.

Because after a morning work, the energy provided by breakfast is basically consumed by the body. If you do not eat, it will easily cause hypoglycemia.

Re-entering food after fitness can help your body recover energy to ensure that you have plenty of work energy in the afternoon.

  The time used for fitness at noon is relatively short, and often there is not much time for finishing activities, including nozzles.

After sweating, be sure to change your sweat-soaked wet clothes in time.

Because the water on the cold front clothes will evaporate and dissipate heat, which will shrink the blood vessels of the skin, which will affect the supply of nutrients and easily cause a cold.