Spine health 9 ways to tell you

Spine health 9 ways to tell you

Spine health is manifested through physical symptoms. If the following conditions appear, it indicates that your spine has a problem. Be careful of your health!

  1. You can’t take a very comfortable deep breath.

Breathing is closely related to a healthy spine. If you can’t breathe deeply, you may have a problem with your spine.

  2. The sound of your retina, retina or more joints bursting.

Usually the spine joints are locked or stuck.

  3. Your head or hip cannot easily twist or rotate the same angle to both sides, and the range of motion is reduced.

  4. You can’t concentrate well.

Cervical discomfort can affect brain health, and can easily cause you to lose focus.

  5. If your heels are often worn uneven.

It may be caused by the imbalance of the long axis pressure of the coaxial spine.

  6. You often feel tired.

An unbalanced spine degrades your energy and often causes fatigue. A spinal imbalance is likely to be a major cause of fatigue!

  7, when your jaw moves, it makes a “click” sound.

This sound is mostly caused by subluxation of either the joints.

  8. Your resistance to disease is weak.

The spine affects your neuroendocrine system, which plays an important role in fighting disease.

  9. When you walk, your toes are out of range.

Watch your feet as you walk.

Do they both point forward?

Foot abduction may be a sign of a problem with the lower spine or hip bone, or an imbalance in pressure on the base of the skull or skull.

  Experts remind: If the above problems occur, you should check your spine for problems as soon as possible and detect and treat early.