Office OL eat more baby dishes can decompression

Office OL eat more baby dishes can decompression

Baby cabbage is a kind of “super small cabbage”, but its potassium content is much higher than that of cabbage.

It is determined that each hundred grams of baby vegetables contains about 287 mg of potassium, while the same weight of cabbage contains only 130 mg of potassium.

  Potassium is an important element to maintain nervous muscle tension and normal function. People who often have a sense of burnout can eat more baby dishes to have a good regulatory effect.

The common “dish soup with baby food” is a good practice. You can add some enoki mushrooms and use chicken soup to make broth, which is also good for improving immunity.

  The lack of potassium was originally uncommon. National senior nutritionist Zhao Yingmin explained that people today are not on schedule for three meals a day, do not eat staple foods for a long time, rely on a lot of coffee to refresh themselves, and work under pressure.The nervousness will also cause the loss of potassium. At this time, it is good to eat baby food.

  Many people think of bananas as soon as potassium is added, because bananas are the most typical high potassium food.

  But the problem is that bananas also contain more sugar. Now it’s cold and it is easy to eat more diarrhea, but vegetables do not have this problem.

  Baby food also helps gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote bowel movements, eat more in autumn and winter, and has the effect of dehydration and diuresis