The live e-commerce chamber of the city in Jinan City is formally established

Under the guidance of live e-commerce chambers of Jinan City, China Communications E-commerce Chamber of Commerce, Jinan City, with the core of the live e-commerce industry cluster, with "sharing a win-win, innovation and development", and widely accepted enterprises in the relevant industryJoin the Chamber of Commerce.After the establishment of the live e-commerce chamber of Jinan City, it will give full play to the empowerment of "media integration" to enterprise development. By building internal communication platforms, members companies can quickly understand the latest development trend of the industry, knowing the industry-related business dynamics, strengtheningMutual cooperation between enterprises.

At the same time, the business scope involved in the Chamber of Commerce is extremely wide.The establishment of the Chamber of Commerce allows membership companies to maintain a keen sense of smell in the momentous commercial market, helping the business’s business trend to upgrade.