Xia Jian who is a little too drunk,By Jiujin,So he said what was in his heart。

Xiongji laughed and said:“Mr. Xia is really quick talk。Tell the truth,My Xiongji is really sorry about something。But like you just said,For the benefit of the company,Sometimes you have to offend your friend”
“Never mention anything in the past。Can sit and drink together,I was relieved in my heart long ago。What am i saying,There are no permanent friends in the mall,There is no permanent enemy”
Xia Jian said,He glanced at He Wei with red cheeks。
He Wei smiled sweetly at Xia Jian,She called and asked the secretary to pick her up,Then she smiled and said:“President Xia!I admire your mind。This bidding,We are your supporting role……”
“Mr. He is too early,Everything is variable,So we must not draw this conclusion。Let’s wait for good news!Anyway, the bid will be opened soon”
Xia Jian interrupted He Wei,He said with a smile。
Xiongji takes a look at Xia Jian’s posture,I knew he had to go。So he hurriedly smiled and said:“President Xia!Invite you over today,One is to sit and talk together,Second, I want to talk to you about business”
“I said!Then quickly say,Otherwise I will be drunk for a while,I don’t know anything”
Xia Jian laughed,He sat up straight again。
Xiongji glanced at He Wei,Then he smiled and said to Xia Jian:“We also did a lot of work in this bidding,But from the current situation,We were out early。So I mean Xia always eats meat,Let’s have some soup!”
“Oh!Mr. Xiong is really too early to talk about this,Because of whom,Really hard to say。How can I speak nonsense here。Moreover,When the financial center was built,I seem to have not only given you the project,And also gave a part of the main body to Mr. He”
“Correct!Mr. Xia is very right and wrong,I’m ashamed when I think about it”
He Wei just finished saying this,The secretary who came to pick her up came in with her coat。He Wei has a look,He hurriedly said with a fist at Xia Jian:“I missed Mr. Xia!I can’t beat alcohol,Time to go back。You and Mr. Xiong talk slowly”
He Wei said,I really left with the help of the female secretary。
When the door is closed again,Xiongji said while drinking:“President Xia!If the shantytown renovation project falls into your hands,Can you give your brother some engineering work?”
“President Xiong!It’s a bit premature to talk about this now。In addition, you just said clearly,This is a Huiming project。If you want me to do it,I must do my best。Thus,Profit margins will be greatly reduced,and so……”
“President Xia!You really think of my Xiongji as a profit-seeking person?Don’t worry,If you let me do this,I will definitely follow your request,Do the best project”
Xiongji interrupted Xia Jian,He patted his chest to make a guarantee。