When Fang Yu came to Dean Chang’s office。

Found two strangers,Instead of Dr. Cai and his daughter!
“Who are they?”
Fang Yu takes a look,An age is probably around fifty,Another person,Is about 70 years old。A middle-aged,An old man。
“This is Xi Mo, the vice chairman of Qingxin Ancient Medicine Association,This is Secretary-General Picken!They heard about you……Very emotional for you,So I want to talk to you!”
Dean Chang introduced。
“I’m just a little ancient doctor……strictly speaking,I can also western medicine,And graduated from medical school。and so,I am not an ancient doctor in the traditional sense!”
Fang Yu slowly said。
“That’s okay……After all, ancient medicine is declining,If you don’t learn more to enrich yourself,It’s not easy。But you insist that you can still use ancient medicine’s acupuncture method to save people。
Already very good!and so,I want you to do me a favor。Cure a special patient!
If you can cure him,There is hope for our ancient medicine to recover!”
Xi Mo said seriously,There is a hint of expectation in his eyes。
“Who?It’s so important……”
Fang Yu surprised。
“It’s mr jackson……Is an American。He has a strange disease……We want to get medical treatment,But he doesn’t trust ancient medicine,Only believe in western medicine!
right now,Received treatment at Dongyu Hospital!”
Picken explained。
“Mr. Pi……Mr. Xi,It’s not that I don’t want to make a move。You look down on our ancient doctors,Why do I need to act!and,He is at Dongyu Hospital,I’m afraid it will be difficult to handle!”