What are the three most important foods to eat at Dragon Festival

What are the three most important foods to eat at Dragon Festival

Today is the second dragon head festival on the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar. It is also known as the “Spring Plowing Festival” and “Spring Dragon Festival”. It is one of the traditional Chinese cultural festivals.

The ancients often worshiped the dragon and prayed for rain during this festival, so that the gods bless the harvest.

And there are three kinds of foods that are popular during this festival: noodles, pancakes, and dumplings.

So what good is this food for our body?

  First, noodles are the most popular noodles on this day, and they are called “Dragon Bear Noodles”.

So eating it has massage-like benefits for the body?

The first is that noodles, as a kind of pasta, are particularly easy to digest and will not cause irritation to the stomach, so for those who have a bad stomach and who want to nourish the stomach, eating it is an option you must not miss.

  There is also a lower transition in it, but more moisture.

So after eating, there is no need to worry about getting fat, and you can add water to the body.

  The third point is that eating it can effectively break down the uncle, so that the insulin in the body can be kept within a normal range, so that the blood sugar in the body is stable.

  So there are so many types of noodles, should you choose to eat better?

In fact, most of the hand-rolled noodles that we usually eat are made from wheat flour, but noodles made with miscellaneous grains tend to have better nutritional value.

For example, buckwheat noodles made from buckwheat not only contain vitamin B, niacin, but are also rich in rutin.

Vitamin B can protect the liver, while niacin and rutin can lower blood lipids and soften blood vessels, so everyone should not try to eat it.

  Second, pancake pancake is a kind of food that many people use to satisfy their hunger.

It can be eaten with vegetables or various meats when eating it.

And for the pancake itself, there are more nutrients in the pancake. The main ingredient in it is protein, and there is a small amount of protein.

Compared to the method of frying, cooking, or baking the flour, the pancake contains more complete nutrients.

And because it contains a high amount of fatty acids, it is necessary for people with diabetes to eat less, and for those who are weak and yang, you should eat more appropriately, which is beneficial to alleviate the symptoms of weakness.

  Third, one of the traditional Chinese drinks for dumplings is the dumplings that are eaten during Chinese New Year.

So what good is eating dumplings for our body?

The first choice is food made by boiling in high temperature, so the bacteria in the food will be killed during the preparation process, thereby avoiding the harmful substances generated in the process of frying or grilling.It will be healthier during eating.

There is also the dumpling stuffing contained in the dumplings. We generally put some vegetables or lean meat in it to balance the acid and alkali.

Let us be more healthy in the process of eating.

  And through research, it has been proved that those cooked foods, which contain starch between each other, can be fully decomposed, so that after eating in the body, people will be more conducive to our body’s absorption.

  Through the above, I will share the three foods that should be eaten at the faucet festival, and some foods have certain benefits for everyone’s health. You can then choose the foods that are suitable for you according to your actual situation.This day is a good holiday, but it can also help us to nourish our body.