Watery Lover Yoga

Watery Lover Yoga

Seeing love with your eyes makes your body feel romantic love letters, roses, candlelight, romantic but floating glances; pinch rice, bar, K song, bland and uncreative.

Let’s design a unique Valentine’s Day show-two-person yoga, aside from the world, enjoy a pleasant physiological journey, see love with your eyes, and let your body feel romantic!

In the ascendant yoga boom, two-person yoga has gradually attracted attention.

In proportion to individual practice, yoga for two people is more meaningful to share, communicate and help each other, increasing the fun of yoga.

As the name suggests, two people can be husband and wife, parents and children, friends, etc., but because of a lot of intimate physical contact, obviously, it is more suitable for couples to practice together!

  Double Yoga Lover’s Quotations The most subtle part of the other half of double yoga is that not everyone can practice together, and not any partner is willing to accompany you to practice together.

When your he or she is willing to practice with you, it has proved your luck and happiness.

  Energy We believe that yoga can create a magical energy; likewise, we believe that love is also an energy.

Therefore, in the practice of two-person yoga, you can feel the strong energy intersection and accumulation, so as to achieve the best self-cultivation effect.

  Focusing on electrocardiogram when practicing yoga, eliminating common things, the most sensitive feeling in the mind.

There is no love words, but love flows in the eyes, and the “electrocardiogram” in the love legend will also manifest at this moment.

  Graceful couples learn together, absorb other strengths, and can show more graceful or difficult yoga.

  Trust One of the most basic conditions for practicing two-person yoga is trusting one another.

Even among couples, this is also the most precious life wealth.

  The harmony and harmony of the harmonious body will definitely form the daily harmony and harmony, which is the promise of yoga.

  Attraction travels through the time of bland and thin debris. Through close body contact, we let the other party know their own body and mind again. Double yoga allows us to relive the passionate enthusiasm of each other when we are in love.

  Helping “sex” couple yoga is not “helping” yoga, but it does help stimulate internal organs and increase body sensitivity.

With the increase of sexual charm, hormone secretion has been bullish all the way, then let’s play freely!