How to effectively drive psychological irritability

How to effectively drive psychological irritability

Such a state of mind is like a cold virus. Although it is not fatal, it is unsettling. Nothing is achieved, and even people feel exhausted.

So how do you eliminate irritability when you do something?

  First, when mental preparation method works, irritability occurs, often a manifestation of insufficient mental preparation.

I thought it was easy and easy to do this, but I felt that it was not the case in practice, and I was irritable.

Therefore, before doing things, there should be such mental preparations: There are very few things in the world that are done overnight. To do a good job, there are certain difficulties, and hardships or costs must be paid.

Even if it is a small daily task, it is not easy to do well.

In this way, I originally planned to pay hard work, and when I encountered difficult things, I would naturally be able to bear it, and of course I would not be upset.

  The second is that the sequential method of doing things is irritable. An important reason is that things are unorganized. Most of the sequences. When you do this, you think that it is important and you should do it first;Go ahead and do it.

There are many things, and I don’t have a bottom in my heart, so I’m irritable with such a toss.

Therefore, if you have something to do, you can write down these things one by one and arrange them in a row to see which one matters most, which one is next, and which one can be put offTake it easy, or think about it logically, and see what you should do first, and then what you should do before it makes sense.

  The third is to divide the process method to do more complicated things, you can first divide its process, cut into several relatively independent stages, and then proceed in an orderly manner.

Complex things are divided into several stages, each stage is not so complicated, and it is easy to happen.

Every time you complete a stage, there will be a kind of joy, so self-confidence will be strengthened, and of course the mood will not be irritable.

  The fourth is to do everything in one go. When you decide to do something complicated, don’t think about the outcome for the time being, don’t always think about when you can do it well?

Will it fail in the end?

I want to know that if there are too many concerns, it will be difficult to concentrate my thoughts, and it is possible to do something wrong.

Once you make a mistake, people will become increasingly irritable.

Therefore, to do things must be calm, patience, as long as the target is selected, the direction is opposite, and serious and down-to-earth, things will definitely be done.