Tianjin Development Zone Tax official: fine service to be "overweight" help "upgrade" additional deduction off the implementation of the policy fine

R & D expense super deduction of corporate income tax in the first quarter of this month of October to enjoy prepay part of TEDA Inland Revenue Focus "do things", based on the actual work for key enterprises launched the "package" of services, from policy interpretation to apply process, "tailor-made" point precision guidance, to ensure that "Hello enterprise, we are ‘TEDA matter-tax’ tax propaganda studio, according to the companies in the past declarations, to push your R & D expenses related to additional deduction of new tax incentives …… "recently, Tianjin Guoxin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has received a reminder from the Tianjin Development Zone, the Inland Revenue Department and make them feel happy and excited:" ‘real money’ dividend policies continue to overweight, caring service ‘policy to find someone ‘precision docking, support the tax department for our efforts to promote scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and added’ assurance ” booster agent ‘.

"It is understood, Tianjin Guoxin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a company registered in the zone for years of high-tech enterprise, specializing in information security dedicated 32-bit embedded CPU and system chip (SoC) design, production, sales and service, security chip design industry-leading level.

According to the company’s financial staff, in recent years the company continued to increase investment in technological innovation, research and development expenses increased year by year, only the first three quarters this year, an additional deduction of R & D expenses amount to more than 15 million yuan.

"In the past research and development expenses is an additional deduction of preferential policies to enjoy the second year remitted, now the third-quarter advance declaration will be able to enjoy our calculations under the guidance of the tax department, according to the latest policy, this prepaid corporate income tax deductible more than 230 million tax bonus cash advance provides more disposable funds for business development. from the beginning of manufacturing R & D expenses additional deduction increased from 75% to 100%, up to now enjoy time adjustment in advance, the real deal preferential tax policies to effectively alleviate the financial pressure on the company, we adhere to the road of power and confidence to take a good quality development of more scientific and technological innovation enough! "corporate financial officers said happily. "Innovation is the driving force to lead the development of the first.

We will continue to force, to lay the scientific and technological innovation to support enterprise policy ‘portfolio’, to promote preferential policies to enjoy direct access to fast, direct access to the dividend policy to promote the market players, to boost the development of high-quality positive contribution tax force.

The main person in charge of the Tianjin Development Zone Taxation Bureau said.

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