Now she is also more and more tasteful,And there is also a significant high glory between raising hands.。

To say that she is a backnon pigment,I am afraid no one will believe。
She just entered the office,Xu Qiang and Liu Jiashan are also coming.。
Put one hundred pieces directly on her table。
“Zhao factory long,This is your money,If you continue to save, let me first.,Of course, if you take it out now, I will take it out.,But let’s talk about it.,Next, it is 100,000 starts.,Although Zhao is beautiful, people can’t wait to die.,But what is the principle we still have to follow。”
Xu Qiang said this time is also a constant up and down, Zhao Xiaoli.。
Today’s Zhao Xiaoli is a beautiful life.。
The touch makeup makes the other’s good face more beautiful.。
One-piece strap on the neck,Directly perfect deeper clavicle,Runful shoulder,White glowing root arm。
The lower body is a denim shorts,Perfect let the jade leg that will be more beautiful and more beautiful.。
Especially the other’s crystal high heels, the little feet exposed in front,Rose red nail polish makes the little feet are highlighted。
Liu Jiashan naturally doesn’t have to say,Last night, he naturally went to the place where the man went to the man after drinking the wine.。
But last night, he was full of Zhao Xiaoli’s appearance.。
He feels that his own thoughts have a problem.。
But Xu Qiang said that this is a normal reaction.。
Especially Xu Qiang gave him a big true again.。
Now he looks at Zhao Xiaoli’s eyes are also full of different emotions.。
Especially holding Zhao Xiaoli compared to the so-called beautiful beauty last night.,Just a day in a sky。
Think of Xu Qiang’s words,He slowly feel that the other party seems to be very reasonable.。
Zhao Xiaoli naturally saw that Xu Qiang and Liu Jiashan looked at his eyes filled with a hot breath.。
But after she has Li followed the wind,I really can’t see these men.。
“alright,One thousand pieces will be returned to me first.,I am going to tell Li Bo.,Let him pay for you。”
How did Xu Qiang did not think that Zhao Xiaoli would let returns?,Know that thousands,He left a hundred things to cope last night.,Other money, it is spent with Liu Jiashan last night.。
“Row,The big brother will give her money first.!I have no cash on my body.。”
Liu Jiashan listened to this,Also instantly understand,This is completely Xu Qiang, no money.!I thought that I was with each other last night.,Looking at the way the other party,At the same time, I would like to thank the other party to the words yourself.,It seems that this is the root of it is to spend money, please don’t say it.,I have to take it in the money, please others.。
After,I still have to thank people.。
This moment,Liu Jiashan even feels that he is the clown。
I have always feel Xu Qiang silky,Now, I found that the clown is actually myself.。
Although he is a million uncommon,But if he doesn’t have this money,100% will reveal。
Once the stuffing,He has been driving for so long.。
“This is a thousand blocks,A number of counts。”
Spoken,Liu Jiashan is also a thousand pieces on the table of Zhao Xiaoli.。
“Um,Row,Then I will call Li Bo.,Let him come over,You wait。”
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-eight chapters of excited heart tremor
All in all,Last night, Zhao Xiaoli has said with Li Hui Feng.。
And last night, she and Li Xiangli have Zhao Xiaoling.,It can be slept in the middle of the night.。
But I feel very spiritually early in the morning.。