“Songzi,From tomorrow on, you will change your name to grandson,OVER!”

“Don’t shout, brothers,Internet cafe is out of power,I just connected,Let me avenge you now,They went out to kill them。”
“Songzi,We can’t count on you,The opposite is a master,All four of us were killed by him……”
“what?Let me see the real-time battle table。”Zhang Song lit a cigarette。
Zhang Song accountID:Songzi,data0/0/1,Kill0,death0,only1Assists,RemainingHP:43;And his opponentID:Tottie,data4/0/0,RemainingHP:100,Data is fully crushed,Blood volume also has an absolute advantage。
“its not right,Bros,I found the problem is a bit serious,This is outBUGUp,I am stuck in the building,Can’t get out!”Zhang Song was shocked。
I saw,A heavily armed soldier is stuck between the buildings in the alley,More mobile,The more jump,Stuck,The picture is very ghostly,Even funny。
“Songzi,You come out!”
“Songzi,You still give up!A little doll coming over can scrape you to death with a knife……”
Zhang Song Qidao:“I went out?I have tried my best!”
“Song brother,If you can delay2Half time,Still a draw。”
“You are a fool,This map is not big,Search for a while with your eyes closed,Can also knock out Songzi。”
Zhang Song scolded:“MMP,Even the system has to fix Lao Tzu to death,Laozi struggles,Deceived by life!”
that’s it,Zhang Song in the game was stuck in a crack in the wall and couldn’t move,And the other party also began to greet in the battle channel:“Kitten cat,Don’t hide and seek here,I will find you soon,Wash your neck and wait……”
“what,Really perverted,You can smell the abnormal smell through the screen!”Zhang Song responded。