“Mayor Ma!Have you never worked as a farmer?Such people are very reasonable“Zhao Hong said coldly。

Ma Xiaofeng listened,Just about to choke Zhao Hong。Secretary Wang took a look,Busy talking loudly:“See how people come?Almost let’s start!Village Chief Zhao has to troubleshoot the election site“
“This is no problem,Who will vote?Who will count the votes?And on-site supervision, have you decided“Zhao Hong asked softly。
Secretary Wang looked at Ma Xiaofeng and said:“Xiao Li and Xiao Wang have a vote,A count。Mayor Ma and I personally supervised the scene,Ensure the legality and validity of the notarization of this election”
“Ok,In this case,Then let’s go downstairs!I think the people in the yard are pretty close”Zhao Hong said,Gave Chen Erniu a wink。But the strange thing is,Xia Sanhu never showed up,Anyway,He is also a member of the leadership team of Xiping Village。
About three o’clock,The villagers swayed and filled the entire courtyard of the village committee。Ma Xiaofeng immediately delivered his first speech in Xiping,Of course, they are all official dialects that sound very nice。
Then Secretary Wang announced the election discipline and precautions。What makes Ma Xiaofeng feel strange is,What they are doing this time is a surprise general election,But the villagers here are not curious at all,It feels like they already knew about it。
Next is the nomination of the town leader,There are three village chief candidates,All the thorns in the village,Usually lazy to cook,Fights,Two of them were just released from the police station,They controlled Zhao Hong last time,Lead the troublemaker。
The nominations of these three are up,The villagers blew up the pot。Zhao Hong saw the opportunity,She stood up,Speak loudly:“Villagers please be quiet,Let me say a few words at the end”
After all, Zhao Hong has a high prestige in Xiping Village,As soon as she spoke, the audience fell silent。Ma Xiaofeng’s face is very ugly,Secretary Wang’s expression is complacent。
“Villagers,Mayor Ma and Secretary Wang said in this election,Is a democracy、fair、Notarized election,Now that the town mentioned these three names,This shows that they must have a side that leaders appreciate。As for whether you can be elected, of course it depends on the result of the vote.。But I want to promote Xia Jian as a candidate,Everyone disagrees?“Zhao Hong asked loudly。
“agree!“The villagers are almost in unison。Ma Xiaofeng’s face turned green,She looked back at Secretary Wang。She never expected,Zhao Hong will come to this trick。
Secretary Wang glanced at Ma Xiaofeng,Lowered his voice and said:“Xia Jian is a villager in Xiping Village,Of course he is eligible to run“
Ma Xiaofeng glared at Secretary Wang a little angrily,This person always loses the chain when it matters。But she reacted immediately,She laughed and said:“The person mentioned by Mr. Zhao is indeed extraordinary,But no one,How do we choose him,This matter must be approved by him“
“Write it up first,How do you know others are not there?“Chen Erniu couldn’t hold back,Said this coldly。
Ma Xiaofeng is not good with Chen Erniu in the public,She still smiled and said:“Even if he comes,But he is still the boss of a startup group,You said how can a person hold a second job,Is this a good job??“
What Ma Xiaofeng said,Some villagers who didn’t know the truth began to discuss。Ma Xiaofeng said proudly:“Our elected village chief,Is someone who can do something practical for the people of Xiping Village,Someone like Xia Jian who has his own job,We should not choose“
“Mayor Ma!Xia Jian is no longer the boss of the venture group,And has left the venture group,Their group has sent letters to the related units on this matter,You don’t know!“What Zhao Hong said,I just threw one into the crowd*,Everyone quarreled loudly for a while。
Everyone can’t figure it out for a while,Why did Xia Jian quit from the venture group??Where can I find such a good job?!Had it not been for Xia Jian to be the boss of the venture group,Venture Group will not invest in Xiping Village,Everyone knows this very well。
Ma Xiaofeng saw that the villagers were so attached to Xia Jian,It seems that her plan is a bit overwhelming。So she stood up abruptly,Speak loudly:“No matter how capable Xia Jian is,But he is not here in this election,Can’t run“