Different from ordinary people,Wu Xing saw this big chrysanthemum,I know what it is,It’s just a time and space bug bridge linking higher civilizations to the earth.。

Although I know this is a wormhole,In the future, it will also be the main battlefield for competition among civilizations.,Wu Xing didn’t care too much,After saying something,No longer wait and see,Crowd out the chaotic crowd。
He just descended on earth,Need to find a foothold first,Plan what you will do next,And the golden finger who was 30,000 years late。
Tianzhu engine with powerful computing power,Wu Xing, who squeezed out the crowd, read the entire Juxia City information in less than a second,Modify it through the engine,Not only became Chinese aborigines,An uninhabited luxury villa,Also fell into his name。
Get it all done,He didn’t plan to stay,Rushed directly to the residence。
at the same time,At the sea two kilometers southeast of Juxia City,The huge fleet headed by the aircraft carrier organization is staying there。
Aircraft carrier,A middle-aged man in military uniform standing on the deck with a serious face,Looking solemnly at the huge black chrysanthemum that appeared in the sky,I feel a little uneasy。
For ordinary people,Or even for the military,It’s hard to know what’s in the sky,But for Du Kao of De Nuo civilization,This thing couldn’t be more familiar!
Also because of familiarity,He will feel uneasy,This is a wormhole created by an aerospace-class civilization。
Facing the higher civilization that may emerge,Ducao didn’t believe they were here for sightseeing,Higher civilization descends to lower civilization,Often means slavery、colonial、rule!
“Contact Rose,Let her see me right away,Also connect me to the high-level phone。”moment,Dukao orders the guards behind him。
An unknown higher civilization descends on the earth,He must take some precautions。
“Yes,General。”Hear Ducao’s orders,The guard standing by the side immediately took the order and retreated。
“I hope it’s not what I imagined。”Take another look at the space-time insect bridge in the sky,Dukaonah said something,Also returned to the carrier room。
When Dukao returned to the aircraft carrier,The Juxia City Government also made a series of actions,Dispatch all police,To maintain city order,Qilin is one of them。