Test your love commitment phobia

Test your love commitment phobia

Translation: If you accidentally broke the plane, you have to spend the New Year in a foreign country. In which place do you think you have to land, you can barely accept it?


In the igloo in Arctic snow and ice 2.

In the wilderness of Ethiopia 3.

Answers in the Arabian Desert: 1.

People who choose this answer “in the igloo in the Arctic ice and snow”, you have an explicit phobia of commitment, because you, the one who speaks well, will never easily promise to the other party before you have decided to settle down, because you sayIt has to be fulfilled, so if the audience chooses this answer, as long as you say it, the other half will feel that he is the happiest person in the world, because you will promise him for a lifetime.


If you choose this answer in “The Ethiopian Wasteland”, you have a hidden phobia of love promises, because you only believe that you are down-to-earth in managing love, and you do n’t think that the Shanmeng oath will come true, but if the other party puts pressureIf you give a promise, you will be reluctant to speak out of the promise.


Choose “In the Arabian Desert”, you have no love phobias about love, because you have a happy attitude to love, and you think that the happiness of the two people is the most important thing. If you promise to make each other happy, why not
In fact, this type of person, in order to make the other person happy and say everything, regardless of what will happen to him tomorrow, you are the most important thing in the sweet and happy world of the two.