9 quick acquaintances and dating methods

9 quick acquaintances and dating methods

Single people can choose any of the following ways to meet your spouse at speed.

  1. It is best to know only 8 minutes. The Jews used this to allow young men and women to meet regularly to avoid intermarriage between foreigners.

Since the emergence of the modern “8-minute dating” in the United States in 1999, there are really some people who are keen to make such high-efficiency dating 4 times an hour with strangers of the opposite sex. The basis is that scientists insist that 8 minutes is the first personThe optimal length of time, so if you want to continue with one of them, beware that this is the happiest 8 minutes in your memory.

  2. Don’t waste your shopping time. Single men and women frequent the supermarket more often than people who have already married.

Is Otto a Dutch artist suffering from being single?

Beckham invented “supermarket dating” in 2000.

Single men and women use a specially marked shopping basket as a sign and go to a designated cashier to check out after meeting each other.

Naturally, you can’t rule out the romantic meaning of obscenity “邂逅” for shopping discounts and prizes in collusion with an old-fashioned woman.

  3, Singles’ Day auction has already passed. On November 11, “Single Singles Day, a small bar near Shanghai Fudan University auctioned six young men and women’s dating rights for the day, ranging from a hug to watching a movie, and the proceeds of charity.

The students on the stage did their best to show their talents and attracted the attention of the students.

Of course you have the right to auction yourself, especially on such self-deprecating days.

However, the conclusion is not very satisfactory. It is estimated that the appointments bought with money feel awkward.

  4. I just need a hug. Every day we pass by strangers in the extremely crowded city, but it is difficult to get a warm hug.

The Hug Party usually allows adults to enjoy petting and other loving games at a 3-hour party.

Participants bring their own pajamas, but they are not allowed to undress and drink alcohol, and they are not allowed to touch other parts.

Maybe your loneliness just needs a hug, but in case the body needs more, be careful the security guard will drag you out.

  5, pure male and female relationship when you want to go to the movies, drink or go shopping, I really want to find a companion of the opposite sex or have a lot of strong labor, but it is not necessarily necessary to fall in love with others.

So you can try a kind of “friend dating” that is popular in South Korea, holding hands and embracing are all right. When you break up, you only need to say goodbye. Without preplanning, there is no need to worry about the results.

  6. My dad and the parents of your mother’s single men and women were impatient and couldn’t bear to put on the battle in person.

Several parents came together to discuss the specific income, work unit, area of the wedding room, how much storage, there are cars but no cars.

Don’t talk about love here, just be pragmatic.

Of course, uncles and aunts have to dress up and attend again. In such a stage, it is inevitable that they will also look at their in-laws.

  7. Fortunate license plate number In such a party, hang the license plate number on your chest and back to share a name with your car, be bold and meet strangers.

Even if you don’t like it, you can drive on the highway with the car and disappear into the huge traffic flow of the city’s extensive transportation system.

  8. Key and lock dating In such a party, men who hold keys can try to open a small lock hanging on the neck of the woman they like.

There is no doubt that when you find the corresponding one, you can start a happy personality or romance.

This type of dating is usually performed in some background music and bars that are not very bright.

Otherwise, during the day, a group of men holding keys to “attack” a group of ladies with small locks on their necks, it looks like the plot in SM aesthetics movies.

  9. There is no underground work in the office. The boss is willing to look at the employees under his eyes.

Now that the office is looking right at each other, near the water tower, the moon is first acquired. In order to avoid breaking up the good marriage between your boss and colleagues, you have to be an “excellent underground worker” in the new era of fierce competition.