Tongliao City: Strong to join hands to build a harmonious labor relationship

Haiyan, the head of the Legal Female Work Safety Department of Tongliao City, "three meet" refers to the company’s legal person, the company’s trade union chairman and the human resources department, "two improvement" is to improve the understanding of the company’s legal persons, administrative staff and trade union chairman, improve collective Quality of contracts and salary collective contracts.

"One Unity" is the idea of ??unified corporate legal persons, corporate administrators and trade unions.

Tongliao City is to build a standardized ordered, fair and reasonable, mutual benefit, harmonious and stable labor relations, actively and improve the "tripartite mechanism" system of labor relations, and ensure that people, trade unions, and industry and commerce, and fulfill their respective responsibilities. The human society leads to coordinate the three-party promotion activities of labor relations, selecting a coordinator of Tree Gold Labor Relations, and building a gold medal to coordinate the social organization of labor, implement a key enterprise employment and guidance plan, implement a business salary guidance plan. Trade Unions to carry out "legal physical examination" for the "labor application legal medical examination" to start, "legal medical examination" related to corporate rules and regulations, labor, salary, insurance benefits, rest vacation, labor protection, safety and health, etc.

Industry and Commerce Group has established a lawyer service group and the Chamber of Commerce, and the education to guide private enterprises to correctly interpret labor laws and regulations. Enhance companies in accordance with the law and consciousness, consciously care for employees, protect employee legitimate rights and interests, and promote corporate and employee consultations, mechanisms, and build, efficiency Creating, sharing interests. It is understood that Tongliao City has completed 11472 employee network filings (including 10,184 enterprises), involving 201858 people in employees.

In the first half of the year, there were 129 collective contracts, covering 20,577 employees; 212 pay-off special collective contracts, covering 34,872 employees.

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