“No!Very welcome!Why would you not welcome my second brother?”Anna Cao blushed and said。

“this?Is my brother-in-law??Good everywhere,Just a little bit weak……Nothing,Our Cao family has many secret recipes handed down by our ancestors to replenish our body……Ensure safe and effective,Your body will be better after taking it,Eat well,Strong can be like a cheerful calf!”Cao Fa really wanted to marry her sister out sooner,The more I saw Lu Yi, the more pleasing the eyes。
“Big brother,I’m a takeaway,sorry,I have left beforehand……”Lu Yi avoided Cao Fa’s eyes awkwardly,Slipped through the door。
“Sister?Are you so hungry now?Don’t let the takeaway brother?”Cao Fa puzzled。
“Haha,He is embarrassed……how about it?My vision?”Cao Anna asked instead。
“The people are pretty clean,Bookish,It’s a bit of a character,and……Economic conditions are quite different from ours, right?”Cao Fa is a little worried about the last point。
“I think he is a potential stock,Will succeed sooner or later!Besides,Our Cao family is a wealthy family,I don’t need to cling to anyone、Any force!”If Anna Cao pointed out。
“Do you know what aristocratic disciples say about you??Hahaha……They say that a family that stretches for more than two thousand years,Unexpectedly, another demon king came out!”Cao Fa laughed。
“Pity i am not a man,Otherwise, it must be turned upside down,What five prosperous people?Top Ten Famous Doors?If I don’t look pleasing to my eyes, I leveled it one by one.,What age do you want to do that shackles and decadent old feudal set!”Cao Anna said angrily。
“Family affairs,Give it to brother and me,The sky is falling and we are holding it,Especially related to your marriage,I will never allow it to be treated as a transaction!”Cao Fa comforted road。
“brother,Have you eaten?Would you like to try the food in our school cafeteria??”Anna Cao was moved when she heard what Cao Fa said,She didn’t want her brother to worry, so she changed the subject。
“correct,The reason why I came today,It’s because Xu Tian, that kid insists on me to fetch something……”
“what?……Strange,What can he be interested in here?”
“that’s it!”Cao Fa took off the note paper pasted next to the lunch box,Take a closer look。