“Humph,Can this matter??

Big bird knows,Today, I will take people.。”
“He Dafu,I didn’t agree with this matter.,And this home I have two children.,I must have a good money, I will give it to you.,But my child is really reluctant。”
Li Hui is, the more you listen, the more it is a bit confused.。
“Small peace,what’s up?”
“Big brother,I don’t want to leave my grandmother.。”
Say,Xiao Ping’s bean and big tears are turned into it.。
Although she is in tears,But it is obvious that I will never sobny.。
“You talk to your big brother.,Big brother may help you。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Little Ping An’s eyes are also a hit color。
“Is it true??”
Li Hui is very hard to nod.。
“Big brother,My grandmother life,I spent a lot of money,I owe a lot of money?,Then He Dafu said that I will go to a child,Those money will be saved.。”
Although Xiao Ping is not said to be too detailed,But the specific meaning,Li Hui Feng is already understood。
He didn’t think of this new century in such a new century.,The new society actually has the old tradition of the old society.。
At this time, He Dafu, which is outside the house is obviously a bit impatient.。
“Yao Lao Tai,Your small body,How to make money?
I have to say that I will take it away, I can eat it well.,Follow you will only suffer。”
Say,He Dalifu is directly pushing Yao Lao Tai to the side.,Directly want to hard。
This scene was also seen by Li Hui Feng.。
The other party has just pushed the door,It is directly used by Li Hui.。
This feet,Li Hui Feng almost unable to accept strength,Kill the other person。
Since the last thing to do in Di Hall last time,Li Hui felt that he seems to be more and more controlled.,Especially when you see the bad guys,I think this is directly to solve the other party.。
Because the law sometimes does not necessarily be fair,Can only be said to be relatively fair。
Such as murder,It is obviously the initiative to kill,But because of our own,Then you can express the sentence。
Even some children who are dissatisfied,I don’t know what I am killed.,Can be unruly,Obviously a little demon,But the law has not sanctions。
And dead?
Child protection law is a bad child,A small devil,It is never resurrected.,Don’t see the results of those bad children,Even if you don’t die,The result is also very disappointing。
He Dalifu lying in the ground and did not get up for a long time.。