George shrugged,I was amused by this little girl’s brain power。

Tian Lu bent over and nodded,Body language to say goodbye,:“Mr. Joe,I’ll go now,Tian Lu, thank you,things related to work,You need,I am bound to do my best。”
George raised his eyebrows,Hooked the corner of the mouth,Kind of answer:“OK~!”
Tian Lu soon disappeared on the floor of Eyelash Magazine after saying goodbye,Disappear into George’s sight。She kind of“escape”Left here,Feel the mind doesn’t listen,Self-blame,Afraid of doing something wrong,What was wrong。
George standing still,a bit“shrewdness”Shook his head,Facing such a girl,See you again,There are a few different feelings in the laugh。
Cancel special preferential treatment for Tian Lu and Mi Luo,George decided to take time to report to Chen Limu,For this matter,He has done his best。
and,This little girl also said,Will take Tony Dog to see Chen Limu,When the time comes to identify the authenticity Jack,It’s clear at a glance。
Although George andXtNetwork technology cooperation,Special treatment with Tian Lu and Tony Dog,In exchange for Chen Limu’s recognition with sincerity,It’s worth it for George。
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XtNetwork Technology’s branch studio in the industrial park,Orderly decoration。The same office building as Meilash Fashion Magazine。
During renovation,Tian Lu decided to take advantage of this blank period of studio decoration,Play freely,But you have to do something related to work,otherwise,Xuchang“Clear shop”Listen to work report,No performance or work,by him“rebuke”It’s not worth it。
To thank George for his previous care,Tian Lu decided to take Mi Luo to see Chen Limu at the Mid-Levels apartment。
Chen Limu received a call from Tian Lu,So happy。Hang a string of Buddhist beads on your hand and put your hands together,Thank god for blessing。
Since her husband Ding Zhentian has a new love、Jack, the beloved pet, is missing again,In addition to practicing piano every day according to Ding Kelan’s instructions, Chen Limu,And arrange a certain time to recite the Buddha。
After hanging up,Chen Limu told Yang Zi Zhang Luo to prepare。