Facing a fierce move,The defensive master strictly guards the copper but does not panic,But shouted:“Advance five retreat four,Make up!”

The voice has not fallen,The nine level 42 veterans standing not far behind him,Qi Shu Shu rushed forward,Surrounded by Strictly Shou Tong。
Among these veterans,There are five people standing side by side with strict copper,One by one, the whole body’s light lines burst out,Like a light flame,Soaring。
The other four veterans deliberately slowed down,Scattered behind Yan Shou Tong,Full body strength ready to go,He was clearly suppressing,As a new force at any time。
At this moment,A touch of firmness appeared on the face of the defense master who strictly guarded the copper,While shouting,The 35th level of strength burst,Release a lot of light lines,And these light patterns can actually leave the body,Connect the light pattern energy of the five 42-level veterans around you。
This scene,Really make Huang Shaotian on the side,And the wind that has rushed back was taken aback。
Because for them,It’s too hard to do。
Take its own light energy as traction,Unite the power of all five,Equivalent to six people working together,Although not lasting,But if all is used for defense,Will have terrible defense,And can share the damage,This is the shocking method of the defense master。
obviously,Lu Menglin didn’t immediately start Heaven Slash,Instead, they waited to guard the copper and set up their defenses,Then he slapped。
A giant ice blade about eight feet long fell from the sky,Smashed at the defense master to strictly guard the copper。
Face fierce move,Strictly guard the copper without fear,Take the initiative to stride forward,Raise arms,Even want to fight hard。
to be frank,At this moment,Even if it’s the wind with the eyes above the top,I can’t help but admire the pig killer in front of me.。
How powerful is Open Heaven Slash?When normal people face this trick,Most likely to choose to dodge in the first time,Not hard!
Under the tremendous pressure caused by Master Wuhao’s move,Can not go back,And can take the initiative to grab those who step forward,I have never seen one。
not to mention,That fat butcher,Still a fella,Only a mere 35th level combat power!
If the wind blows oneself,At level 35,I would never think of a big move like this,And most people have the end of this trick,only one,Is directly photographed as scum!