Eye Training-Promote Vision Improvement

Eye Training-Promote Vision Improvement

Due to improper use of eyes, modern people often cause vision loss.

Eye care can improve your vision.

  The position of loose eyes is not limited. When practicing the standing position, your legs are slightly flexed, as wide as your shoulders, and your hands are closed to the Qi Hai acupoint., To achieve body loose, flat and calm.

  Close your eyes and close your eyes, first look upwards and then downwards. In the process of doing this, you must cooperate with breathing, that is, inhale when you look up, and exhale when you look down.Now, do the same for 36 times, and then do the same for the left and right sideways, the top left, the bottom left, and the right side, the top right, the bottom left, and the other side, and do the same 36 times.

Then do the following exercises.

  Four-way forward look: Close your eyes, first clockwise, look at the left, up, right, and down four directions. In the process of doing it, you must cooperate with breathing, that is, inhale when looking up, exhale when looking right,Once a week in four directions, do it 36 times; then open your eyes, and then do a four-way retrospective in this way in the counterclockwise direction, and do the same 36 times.

Then perform the following actions.

  Orientation: Select a certain point directly in front of you (the finer the requirement, the better, but the distance is 50?
(100 meters) Open your eyes and stare at this point, and keep your eyes closed, breathing naturally.

Watch for a quarter of an hour, and then do the following.

  Through the front view: take the fixed point picked up by the directional front view as the far point, the nose point as the near point, open your eyes and look at the selected far point, and try to see it as far as possible. In the process, you should inhale deeply at the same time, but don’t force it too farThen, the eye recovery was focused on the tip of the nose to try to see clearly. In the process, a deep and long exhalation should be performed at the same time, one round trip and one 36 times.

  Close your eyes and keep your eyes closed for two moments. Place the middle finger of the index finger of both hands on the two bamboo shoots, and change the orbit from top to bottom, and then press from the bottom to the bottom.In the process, the points of the sun, bamboo, pupils, four whites, etc. are moved by the movement of the fingers and fingers, and they breathe naturally. This is a week, for a total of 36 weeks, and then through the orbit in the opposite direction from the next segment, and then byPress up and inwards, so this is a week, for a total of 36 weeks.

  After practicing the above exercises, keep the two eyes intent, rub your hands warm and apply them lightly; wait until your hands are cold and rub them warm, then apply them lightly.

So many times, the degree of heat in both eyes.

Finally, you can open your eyes after the thermal expansion of both eyes disappears. It is best to open your eyes and look at the green and natural things for a moment.