3 steps of oil control in T zone

3 steps of oil control in T zone

Autumn is here, the water on the face is lost, and the shine is almost visible, and the pores will almost thicken and acne will soon grow.

Therefore, it is urgent to control oil in autumn.

So how to control oil in autumn?

  Autumn oily light reproduction T-zone oil control in 3 steps. Everyone has the trouble of “T” zone. No matter dry skin, oily skin or mixed skin, there are some T-zone oil out phenomenon.

Some people don’t produce oil in winter, but also in summer.

When controlling oil in the T zone, the following basic tasks must be completed.

  First, daily skin tightening and oil control must be gentle after cleansing or exfoliating, you can use skin tightening water to remove dirt, sebum, etc. from the hair follicle mouth, deep clean pores, shrink pores, inhibit oil secretion or use oil control products to further control the oil in T zone.

Because skin tightening lotion has the effect of shrinking pores, conditioning and re-cleaning the skin, it is the right choice to cleanse skin again.

  If the part where the oil comes out is the entire face, you can use a full-day degreasing and moisturizing mask. Its oil-absorbing particles can promptly suppress facial oils. The clear formula can be quickly absorbed by the skin to ensure that the skin is fresh and oil-free all day.

  Second, the balance of hydration is the key to oil control. Oil control will not remove all the oil, but should let the normal skin oil and water secretion enter a balanced state. If you only do oil control, and hydration, it will stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.

  Third, gentle cleansing twice a day to control the T zone, choose a cleanser is very particular about.

Refreshing, balanced and foaming cleansers have great potential for oil control in the T zone.

When using, pay attention to massage in the T area where oil is easy to come out and the pores are thick. Make a circular motion from the bottom to the top to completely remove the surface oil and dirt inside the pores.

Do not clean your face multiple times a day, preferably twice.