2021 Summary of the 4th China Farmer Film Festival of China Farmers in China

2021 China Farmers Fengchao Festival The 4th China Farmer Film Festival party scene photography Chen Mingwu Fu cattle, Danshui, the foundation of the Central Plains.

2021 The 4th China Peasant Film Festival of China Farmers, the beauty of the autumn, and the joy of the autumn, the joy of harvest, in the core water source area of ??the South-China Transfer Middle, Henan Nanyang Yugawa County is beautiful.

On September 26th, the Shoushui Mountain Wire of Nanshi, Sichuan County, the Shouguang Mountain Wetland Park, the star, and the 2021 Chinese peasant film festival opened the opening ceremony.

Yin Xiumei, Li Yugang, Liu Jin, Zhang Guangbei, Xiao Shenyang and other stars have arranged at the stage, and a wonderful audio-visual feast is a festival that celebrates harvest with the farmers.

On the afternoon of September 26th, 2021 China Farmers Fengchao Festival The 4th China Farmer Film Festival "Wanshui" Water Ceremony and "South Water Northern Distance – Blue Rifting" booting ceremony held in Tao Chan, Sichuan County.

At the "Wanshui Tongyuan" HSD, the mass representatives from Qinghai Qume, Jiangxi Ruijin, Beijing, and Sichuan and other places have symbolizing the happiness of a beautiful life, the water harvest water, and celebrates the water. Convergence in the South Water North Rotation Middle Line Cunches in Sichuan.

On September 26th, in the opening of the 4th China Farmer Film Festival in 2021, Chu Wenhua, the first place in Chu, the first place in Nanshi, the city, the city, the municipal media, they use the long gun short gun to capture Nanyang Development, record Nanyang’s good mountain good water, feel the harvest of the rural big fruit fruit fragrance. On the morning of September 27th, the China Farmers Film Festival Nanyang Investment Promotion and Cooperative Project Signing Ceremony was held in Sichuan County.

The event reached 65 cooperation projects, with a total investment amount of 31.7 billion yuan, and the contract is funded by billion yuan.

Among them, 11 projects such as Haiwang Intelligent Electronic Medical Equipment Production, Nanyang Miao Water Processing and Trading Center were signed. On September 27th, 2021 China Farmers’ Fair Festival "Promoting Science and Education Film Festival" Promotion Science and Education Film Festival "Symposium and" Construction of Star Town: SME "" China Core "movie signing ceremony was held at Nanyang Nanshi Cadial College.

Expert scholars from the province, the National People’s Congress and the rural cadres and the masses of the rural cadres gathered together to explore how to create more excellent scientific and teaching works, and contribute to the in-depth implementation of rural resolution to improve the scientific literacy improvement.

On the evening of September 27th, Zouzhuang Village, Zouzhuang Village, Jiuxi Town, Sichuan County, was lively and extraordinary. After the film is over, many villagers are still immersed in the movie storyline, and I don’t want to leave for a long time.

"I thank the party and the government to send us such delicious ‘cultural dinners’.

"Jiao Yulu, I will know when I am young, he is a good cadre, the people will always remember him.

"The villagers are amazed.

Country revitalization, light shadow dream. The 4th China Farmers Film Festival in Henan Province is held in Nanyang, Henan Province, is also inevitable for the first time.

Nanyang is in the ancient world, the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the gap in the sky, the next day, the wedding, the Walan Tianbao, the people, the people, the climate is generous, the material is rich, Nanyang as "Zhongzhou granary", heavy movement, heavy movement The road of food is since ancient times.

Since entering the new era, Nanyang’s emphasis on food production is constantly "spontaneous" to "conscious", which is the main product area of ??the National Food Strategy Engineering. No matter which angle, Nanyang will become a model version of rural revitalization. Sichuan County is the core water source area of ??the South-China North Rotation Middle, the head of the head, the national water conservancy and immigrant counties, and it is also the place where Chu Beited Danyang is located. Adhering to the ecological county strategy, I have gone out a "development in the protection of the development and protected by the development of development".

At the moment, when the pomegranate, citrus, persimmon, gold pear and other forest fruits, stroll through the Nanyang earth, everywhere is a heavy harvest picture, and the peasant harvest is highly fit.

The good mountains and water ecological ecological endowments, thick and splendid historical and cultural, can sing the natural treasure house of TV, movie.

A wonderful performance in the scene, showing a beautiful picture of the new era; a rural movie, a rural film, a rich spirit of spiritual food; Innovation initiatives, consolidate the comprehensive development of farmers and rural all-round revitalization. The country is revitalizing, flowers to Nanyang. 2021 China Farmer’s Field of Harvest Festival, like a time and space button, opened a comprehensive promotion of the new era of rural revitalization in the Central Plains, and condensed the power of the rural resolution.

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