Be bravely served as a true feelings – Xinjiang Market Supervision Bureau launched "I have practical activities for the masses"

Since the study of party history, the Xinjiang Market Supervision Bureau has solidly promoted the practice activities of "I am doing practical" for the masses, and strives to achieve learning effectiveness into work, ensuring that party history learning education, seeing effect.

In order to strengthen the service concept, optimize the business environment, the Xinjiang Market Supervision Bureau continues to deepen the reform of the commercial system, continuously optimize online registration system, and actively promote government and silver cooperation, political postal cooperation, and broaden the people’s channels. In terms of political and silver cooperation, the bureau has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 10 commercial banks to cover more than 2,000 bank outlets in the whole country. By using the free agent of the commercial bank, extend the enterprise registration registration window to all bank outlets. Realize the registration registration in the bank, the license prints in the bank, account service in the bank’s "instant office, in close, self-service".

In terms of political cooperation, actively cooperate with postal companies to provide business license delivery services for enterprises or individuals registered underline.

After the user is handling a business license, you can choose to send a business license through the postal EMS.

In recent years, the Xinjiang Market Supervision Bureau has continued to deepen the "venting service" reform, integrate approval authority, optimize the approval process, and press the approval time limit, compress the general enterprise registration time to 1 working day, all registration application Or after a one-time info, the credit supervision "consultation", through the national corporate credit information publicity system (Xinjiang) to publicize the telephone, answer the annual report, credit repair, inquiry enterprise information, etc. question.

In terms of ensuring consumer rights, the relevant departments of the Xinjiang Market Supervision Bureau accelerate the "unreasonable return" commitment unit, and is implemented step by step due to the local conditions, extended from the urban area, and the large business super, brand chain extends to the small and medium-sized physical store, Actively guided and encourage more companies to participate, expand the coverage.

At the same time, promote the online resolution guidance of consumption disputes, and improve consumption dispute processing efficiency. This year, will strive to cultivate 200 commitments in the company’s commitment units.

In order to ensure the safety of the dining table, the Xinjiang Market Supervision Bureau is actively promoted by "You I have to check" series of promotional service activities, through entering business super, farmer’s market, net red card, campus, community, etc. The way, in strict accordance with the "four most stringent" requirements of food safety, the modernization of food safety governance system and governance.

By online + offline investigation questionnaire, according to the public’s food variety, invite the consumer on-site spot, conduct on-site sampling fast inspection and laboratory testing, respond to social concerns, enhance the participation of the public, and protect the people " Safety". In addition, the Xinjiang Market Supervision and Review Evaluation Center launched a special event for "help enterprises, do practical things, send services, solve the problem", organizing special equipment expert service team into enterprises, exchanged, realistic training, gift training, gift Professional books, etc., helping companies solve out. Xinjiang Metrology and Test Research Institute organizes and chemical, electrical, and hot work, 128 people (times) went to the Northern and Northern Xinjiang to provide verification and other services to enterprises, and comprehensively protect the production safety of enterprises. (Contributed: Xinjiang Market Supervision Bureau).