Provide more financial support for digital economic development (financial objectives)

"Developing Digital Economy is a strategic choice for the new opportunities for new round of technology revolution and industrial change.

"At the thirty-fourth collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that he stood in the overall development of the great rejuvenation strategy of the Chinese nation and the universal change in the world, and coordinates the domestic international internationalities and development safety. Two big things, give full play to massive data and enrich the application scenario advantage, promote digital technology and physical economic depth integration, empower traditional industrial transformation and upgrading, giving birth to new models of new industries, and constantly do high-quality my country’s digital economy.

In today’s era, digital technology, digital economy is the opportunity of the world’s scientific and technological revolution and industrial change.

The healthy development of digital economy is conducive to promoting the construction of new development patterns, which is conducive to promoting the construction of a modern economy system, which is conducive to promoting the new advantages of national competition.

Finance is the core of modern economy and is also an important force to promote economic and social development.

Promote the healthy development of digital economy, providing more financial support to do strong and excellent digital economy, is a "must-answer question" in the financial industry, it is necessary to continue to deepen the structural reform of financial supply side, guide more financial resources to support digital technology innovation And digital economic development, continuously meet the economic and social development needs of digital economic era with high quality financial services.

Promote innovation, providing financial support for new models of new industries. Digital technology has developed a thousand miles away. It is necessary to improve my country’s digital technology basic research and development capabilities. It is necessary to speed up the financial industry reform and innovation, and continue to launch products and services to adapt to technological innovation needs, and open the financing of technology enterprises "blocking point", let New models of new states in digital economies have been nourished by more financial resources and fully release innovative development vitality. To achieve this goal, guide the bank and other traditional financial institutions to optimize the credit structure, provide adequate financial support for technological innovation, but also better play a multi-level capital market, improve the direct financing system for technology innovation, expand the market main financing channel It is better to meet the development needs of innovative SMEs.

Help transformation, promoting digital technology and the depth of the entity economy. Digital economies are not only new economic growth points, but also to transform the fulcrum of traditional industries.

Using Internet new technologies to all-round, all-chain transformations, can improve the productivity of full factors, play digital technology to amplify, superposition, and multiplier effects in economic development. During the transformation of traditional industries, the financial industry can play the "four-two-two thousand pounds" boost effect. By establishing digital transformation special loans, digital industrial development funds, providing key funding for promoting digital economic and physical economic integration development, giving tradition The industrial injection of new kinetic energy, new vitality, and ultimately promote the development of entity economic development to higher quality, truly realizes the symbiosis and social development of the solid economy, and grow together.

Excellent service, improve the quality of financial industry in digital technology. Digital economic era, necessarily required to meet financial services.

The large-scale application of digital technology, the rapid development of digital economy, has provided opportunities for traditional financial services, but also provides opportunities for financial institutions to improve service capabilities. The financial industry itself is the frontier industry used by information technology. It is also one of the most complete information infrastructure, the most abundant industry in China. It has the basic resources of new technologies such as large data analysis, and promoting digital transformation has a good basic condition.

In recent years, digital economy such as intelligent payment, smart network, intelligent, digital financing has emerged in various fields in the financial industry. Practice has proved that by using digital technology to create digital financial new formats, new applications, new models, can greatly improve the efficiency of financial services, extension financial services radii, expand financial services categories, and expand the coverage and benefit of Pu Hui Finance.

At present, the development of digital economic development is to focus on accelerating the digital transformation of financial institutions, enhance digital service level, and promote digital technology and deep integration of financial business. At the same time, we must also speed up the improvement of data governance rules, improve the level of digital financial governance, and effectively respond to new challenges of financial risks in the context of digital era, so that digital finance truly exerts a good function of service economic and social development.

Digital economic development overall situation. Serving the development of digital economic development, the financial industry is responsible for no loans.

Seize the opportunity, win the initiative, the financial industry should let go to embrace the digital economic era, grasp the development trend and law of digital economic development, and configure more financial resources to the frontier field of digital economic development, key links and important industries, driving digital economic development At the same time, realize its transformation and upgrading, innovation and development, continuously add new kinetic energy to China’s economic high quality development, and cultivate new advantages.