Turns out this thing is for racing!

I was going to hand it back to Lingju’s formation,Next second,Jingpu immediately took it back:
“Just played casually,Now i want to play hard。”
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Chapter Twenty Seven Seniors will joke
Jingpu is interested,The next second I will press the button on this small formation again,The spirit escaped into that strange space again。
Lingju is not in a hurry,After putting the tea pot,Standing aside quietly waiting for Lingjing。
Four minutes later,Jingpu retired。
When Jingpu first entered,To be familiar with various things,So wasted a lot of time,This time I went in and did a good job,Four minutes,Get it done!
such,It must be faster than Lingju?
Jingpu after coming out,Haven’t reported their grades yet,Lingju raised his eyebrows: