“I am the ancient unicorn holy beast,Why do you look down on me?”Black unicorn furious,Scream,Gave birth to two other heads,All over the flames,grimace in pain,This is the first time it has been called a big black dog by others,It’s a rare humiliation。

“Black unicorn,There are many things,Meet me,You don’t need to go on an adventure,Two days limit,Let’s go to each side of the road。”Li Tianzhi also persuaded。
“That’s not OK,If you don’t come out after two days,Didn’t I have nothing to eat?”
Li Tiansi stunned,Then almost laughed out loud,He quickly took out a porcelain bottle from his arms and threw it to the black unicorn,“Eat sparingly,That’s all。”
“Respect God,Forgive me for being rude。”Black shirt Shura and others have arrived,Fall down below the top of the mountain,Qi Qi salutes Li Tianzhi。
“Already far。”Li Xiucheng snorted,But it was like banging Hong Zhong on the top of the mountains,The sound wave rushes in all directions like thunder,This kind of momentum is the monstrous power of the God of War before the battle,Then he quickly seized Li Tianzhen’s sense of autonomy,From entering the Shura Secret Realm, it will be dangerous,Even he has to be careful。
Chapter nine hundred and twenty seven Conceited
Several people quoted Shu Luo Boran to change color,The panic sound shocked their minds,Poor breath,So tough,Even when the Great Asura was not injured,Could it be that she’s showing up somewhere??
“I beg you to lead the way。”Li Tianchou waved his robe sleeve,Suddenly there was a gray round bowl in his hand,There is a faint halo in the night,Unspeakable magic,This thing comes from the hand of God of War,I think it’s a heavy treasure,But seeing him hold it up with one hand,A solemn look,It’s like holding up thousands of mountains。
Shura bowed all together,But suddenly my eyebrows jumped,See that the black kitten next to Li Tianchou suddenly turned somersault in the air,Black clouds rolling in a moment,Thunder and lightning,A huge black beast appeared in front of the Shura,This thing is dozens of feet tall,A hundred feet long,Dragon Head Sphinx,Limbs are as strong as columns,A pair of eyes are like a bright moon in the sky,The fierce big mouth spews black flames,Four hoofs,Valley tremor,So majestic。
“Big……You gangster,Hurry away!”Li Tianzhen turned his head and shouted。
“Wish to meet the Great Asura God with the Lord!”Black unicorn shaking his head and waving his tail,All the scutes spread out,Pause time,The whole body is filled with black flames。
“Hey。”Li Tianzhen sighed,No more words,Tiptoe,The body jumped onto the back of the black unicorn,But this boy is showing his true shape today,Too big,Li Tianzhen riding on it can’t even feel like a monkey riding a camel,Immediately shouted,“smaller!”