ST Huiqiu (600556) Company Comment: Proposed change of company name to Tianxiaxiu Restructuring business steadily

ST Huiqiu (600556) Company Comment: Proposed change of company name to Tianxiaxiu Restructuring business steadily

The company issued an announcement to implement a major asset reorganization of the company and a major change in its main business. In order to match the company’s name with the company’s main business, future development strategies and development plans, the company plans to change the company name and change the Chinese name fromGuangxi Huijin Technology Co., Ltd. was changed to “Tianxiaxiu Digital Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.”, and its English name was “GUANGXI FORTUNETECHNOLOGY CO.”

, LTD.

“Changed to” INMYSHOW Digital Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

, LTD.

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of new business development, the company changed its main business scope, and the registered capital was changed from three.

900 million added value16.

800 million.

Core Logic: Tianxiaxiu is a matching platform between advertisers and MCNs, and is committed to providing intelligent new media marketing solutions.

Upstream links more than 450 large brands and 80,000 small businesses, and downstream links with millions of content producers.

Currently has three major brand matrices, resources and resources: WEIQ (the world’s leading new media marketing cloud platform), Clairui (the most authoritative self-media data analysis service and ranking agency), and SMART (concentrated brand social media marketing full service)The advantages of 深圳桑拿网 the data and marketing system are obvious. Among them, the WEIQ platform is the sole service provider for the commercialization of Sina Weibo content. It has deep-deposited self-media resources, covering more than 95% of the native content and 98% of the user scale of the media platform.

Tianxiaxiu established barriers to industry experience through first-mover advantages, and established customer resources and brand barriers through product service capabilities. At the same time, it developed information systems to further consolidate resource advantages, data advantages, and operational advantages.Divided the lead.

The progress of the industry promotes the decentralization of traffic, and the rapid development of the ecological service provider industry.

Technological advancements have caused consumers to change the 北京夜网 platform and content format for information, and provide the basic driving force for the development of the online advertising market. In 2018, the size of the online advertising market reached 4,844 trillion, accounting for 74 of the six major media advertising revenues.


The initial infiltration of mobile Internet has brought incremental market dividends, and the number of users on social networks and short video platforms has continued to grow.

Social network advertising and short video advertising have developed rapidly in 2018, and the market size is expected to exceed 100 billion in 2021.

In the context of rapid decentralization of upstream and downstream, new media marketing service providers have intensified competition in customer resources and social media resources, and the market is highly fragmented.

In the era of the mobile Internet media, consumers’ attention-based information acquisition models and consumer purchase processes are all realized on smartphones, which has created a market demand based on the integration of consumer products and efficiency, and has put forward requirements for the creativeness and interest of advertising forms.

The decentralization of traffic and the combination of products and effects have led to the rapid development of the ecological service provider industry, and new media marketing service providers that use resource integration capabilities will stand out.

Maintain profit forecast and give Buy rating.

We estimate that net profit attributable to mothers will be 3 in 2020-21.


47 trillion, corresponding to PE71 / 54X.

Risk Warning: Customer Expansion Is Less Than Expected, Market Competition Is Intense