7 common skin care misunderstandings for acne

7 common skin care misunderstandings for acne

Introduction: Healthy skin care and healthy beauty are our necessary common sense. Beauty has become a must for many people’s lives. How to make a healthy beauty is our key.

A healthy beauty knowledge is essential.

  The invasion of fatal acne starts from here. How to let your acne say goodbye to you, I will introduce some methods that can help you get acne. Dare to see it with me. I promise to make you veryThe onset of acne is about to occur.

  The following 7 skin care misunderstandings of acne, have you made a mistake?

  Myth 1.

Frequent use of scrubs Misunderstandings of life: Scrubs and cuticles on the skin are too irritating to the skin and even the skin is damaged.

There is also a tearing mask that should not be used at this time, it will tear the inflammation.

  The right way: scrub scrubs focus on T-zone cleansing, use nutritious moisturizing mask, and gently promote metabolism.

  Myth 2.

Washing your face 10 times a day Misunderstanding of life: It is not enough to simply clean your face. The alternating cleaning will exacerbate leather secretion and make acne more wanton.

  The right way: choose an oil-free, mild facial cleanser, clean your face with normal frequency, and choose an alcohol-free toner to moisturize after cleansing.

Avoid skin becoming dry and thin.

  Myth 3.

Acne control can say bye-bye life misunderstanding: the special acne products on the surface of the city are mainly for the regulation and care of acne, focusing on oil control and exfoliation.

Adult acne is mainly caused by the spirit and endocrine.

  The correct approach: Adult acne vaccines need only be topically applied with lotion or gel. If the acne situation is more serious, it is recommended to go to the clinic for treatment.

  Misunderstanding 4.

Sunscreen can’t be used for many misunderstandings: Overloaded ultraviolet radiation can cause keratin metabolism to be chaotic, acidify the skin, and cause blockage of pores and even folliculitis.

Pigmentation with acne marks will increase.

  The correct method: Be sure to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going out. You can hang a light and refreshing sun protection index.

  Misunderstanding 5.

Use your fingers to apply concealer life mistakes: For the sake of convenience, the lazy people directly apply concealer to cover the concealer. In fact, this is more prone to kidney damage and acne.

  The correct method: Instead of a small makeup brush, take a concealer deeper than diabetes for concealing.

  Myth 6.

Bare skin can warn other skeletal muscle misunderstandings: It is generally believed that you should avoid applying moisturizing skin care products even if you have acne.

“Nude skin” will exacerbate the loss of skin moisture, but will increase the irritation to the skin.

  The skin is strongly irritated and will secrete more oil for protection. The more the oil absorbs the oil, the more this is the reason.

  Correct method: apply moisturizing gel with oil-free oil clear, especially in the T zone where oil secretion is strong.

  Myth 7.

Must not make-up life misunderstanding: my mother would often say: “I have acne, and definitely do not make-up, it will be infected.

“actually not.

Modest nude makeup and light work makeup are OK, as long as you keep in mind that the cleaning work is thorough.

  The right way: Because high-gloss makeup products may contain minerals, which can irritate the skin, insert pores, and choose natural minerals when choosing makeup.