Sexual Health and Sexual Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sexual Health and Sexual Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine

[Abstract]Traditional Chinese medicine sexology is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine.

The “sex” health care and treatment of TCM are colorful and profound.

This article makes a detailed supplement from the rich health cultural heritage, the overall regulation of sexual health, the unique health thoughts of traditional Chinese medicine sex health such as prescription health preservation, atrioventricular health, etc., and promotes the widespread use of Chinese medicine in the field of sexual health and sexual treatments concern.

  [Keywords]Traditional Chinese Medicine; Sexology; Sexual Health; Sexual Therapy. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of 2,000 years, has a unique theoretical system of other traditional medicines, has rich clinical experience, and has an indelible effect on the reproduction and development of the Chinese nation.Contribution.

Today, with rapid and rapid development, Chinese medicine is still a widely used method of health care for the Chinese people.

In addition, the spread of Chinese medicine and Chinese culture is widely spread throughout the world. It is not only welcomed in Asia, but also in Australia, Europe, and even Africa. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have become indispensable alternative medicines.

TCM has a wealth of practical experience, especially the health and treatment of “sex” in TCM, which is colorful and profound.

In contemporary China, traditional Chinese medicine sexology has become a second-level discipline in Chinese medicine and an important part of Chinese sex science. It contains Chinese medicine andrology, female science, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual health, and sexual pharmacy.There is widespread concern.
  1Overall regulation is the key to sexual health. Traditional Chinese medicine has a rich connotation. Its theoretical system transforms the basic attributes of nature, explains the human body and norms according to the laws of the operation of natural substances, and manages the human body to achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases.

For example, according to the balance and growth of yin and yang in the natural world, the internal and external balance of the human body is adjusted to achieve a certain balance and unity between man and nature, and the spirit and body, thereby reducing the incidence of disease.

According to the movement and attributes of the basic material wood, fire, soil, gold, and water in nature, it has developed into the Five Elements Doctrine, revealing the laws of intergrowth and mutual grammar in the movement of objects, and thus become an important treatment method in Chinese medicine.

  Traditional Chinese medicine is characterized by a holistic concept. Traditional Chinese medicine treats human indicators as a vague whole. In this whole, all organs are nourished by qi, blood, and body fluids to exert normal physiological functions.

The channel through which qi and blood run is the meridian.

Chinese medicine divides the internal organs into internal organs and organs according to their physiological functions, including internal organs such as the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys.

Such as the gall, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, triple focus, bladder, etc., are implanted sexual organs, which have the function of transmission and transport.

The five internal organs and the six internal organs have a relationship that corresponds to each other and affects each other.

Each organ has its own unique physiological functions, such as the main blood in the heart, the main consciousness, the main qi in the lung, and the breathing in the lung.

In the normal play of sexual function, the physiological functions of the kidneys in the five internal organs are changed.

Because Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the main water, the main sperm, and the main reproductive, it is opened and closed in the two Yin.

The Chinese often refer to the lack of sexual function as “kidney deficiency” and the drugs that enhance and improve sexual abilities as “kidneys.” It can be seen that the theory of Chinese medicine has penetrated into people’s daily life and has become a cultural phenomenon.

Particularly outstanding is that in Chinese medicine, the physiological functions of the five internal organs are related to each other, promote each other, and oppose each other. The normal functioning of each organ depends on the harmony and balance of the human body as a whole.

If the normal function of the kidney is necessary to maintain normal sexual function, that is, the kidney Qi foot is strong and the bladder is strong in gasification.

However, maintaining the Qi-foot of the kidneys depends on the normal functioning of the five internal organs, because the kidneys first need the nutrition of human qi and blood.

The generation and movement of qi are most closely related to the lungs, spleen, and heart. The generation and storage of blood are closely related to the heart, liver, and spleen.

Traditional Chinese medicine often has different symptoms commonly used in clinical practice, such as “insufficiency of liver and kidney”, “disorder of heart and kidney”, “deficiency of spleen and kidney”, “deficiency of lung and kidney qi” and so on.

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine is treating some sexual dysfunction diseases. Although the focus is on the kidney, it is either on the heart, or on the liver, or on the spleen.

There are manpower from kidney deficiency, manpower from blood stasis, manpower from blood stasis, and manpower from lung qi, but the purpose is to adjust the qi and blood yin and yang to achieve harmony and unity, thereby highlighting the dialectical thinking of the overall concept.

In addition, Chinese medicine believes that sex is not only an activity to reproduce children, but also an important activity to maintain health and maintain qi and blood movement.

For the treatment of diseases, multiple targets are often adjusted from different angles to bring the body into balance.

In fact, the result of treatment is naturally different from that of western medicine. In addition to safety and reliability, Chinese medical treatment experts “require the foundation for the treatment of the disease”, so that the effect is more durable.

  2 Rich heritage to be studied and improved TCM has a long history of more than 2,000 years. As an important supplementary part of TCM, the sexology of TCM also has a long history and rich connotation.

The classic book of Huangdi Neijing, which was written as early as two thousand years ago in the Spring and Autumn Period, is the most important work of many TCM theories.

There is no lack of understanding of sex in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics, such as the understanding of health in the Internal Classics, which mainly includes the content of sexual health care.

Those who know it are based on the yin and yang, and the number of techniques, have a diet, have a regular life, and do not work arbitrarily, so they can live with God and live as long as they can.

Nowadays, people also use wine as the pulp and delusion as the usual, drunk to enter the house, to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its true, I do not know its full, . so half a hundred decline.

“It is clearly stated here that the reason why ancient people can live a hundred years without aging is mainly based on the rules of yin and yang. Some people live in moderation. At present, some people age when they are over half a year because they violate natural laws, excessive drinking and alcohol.Excessive sexual life after drunk caused by the degradation of true essence.

The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics provides a very proper understanding of the human body’s growth and development and sexual development, such as “A woman is seven years old, has a strong kidney and more long teeth, Erqi, while Tianguizhi, Renmaitong, TaichongMai Sheng, the moon is now, so there is a son.

. Seventy-seven, Ren pulse is deficient, Taichong pulse is weak, Tiangui is exhausted, the tunnel is unreasonable, so it is bad and no child.Her husband is eight years old and has a strong kidney and more long teeth.

On the 28th, the kidney is full of vitality, the sky is deciduous, the essence is overflowing, and the yin and yang are harmonious.

. Seventy-eight, liver pulse failure, Tiangui exhaustion, less fine, kidney hidden failure, are extremely physical.

“It not only records the fact that women’s growth and development cycle is 7 years old, and men’s growth and development cycle is 8 years old. It also puts forward the concept of” tiangui “and recognizes the relationship between” tiangui “and menstruation.

It is pointed out that the “menopause” of women is seven or seventy-nine years old, while the “menopause” of men is seven or eighty-six.

This is basically consistent with the understanding of modern medicine.

  ”The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” also puts forward the concept of “Seven Losses and Eight Benefits.” Day: “If you can know the Seven Losses and Eight Benefits, you can adjust each other. If you don’t know how to use this, then the premature aging festival will also.”

This illustrates the nature of the seven losses and eight benefits in health care.

The bamboo slip medical books “Yangshengfang” and “Xianxia Zhidao Tan” unearthed from the Han Tomb No. 3 in Mawangdui also mentioned the issue of human sexual and sexual function maintenance. Among them, the sex maintenance in “Xianxia Zhi Tao Tan” was compared.Specifically, “seven losses and eight benefits”, Japan: “Qi has eight benefits and seven losses.

Can not use the eight benefits to seven losses, then in the forty years of life, there is Yin Qi from half also, fifty years of life decline, sixty and eyes and ears are not smart, the seventy is exhausted, Yin Qi is not used, deep crying set aside.

Rejuvenation makes sense, go to Qiju to resist its disease, and use eight benefits to replenish its qi, so the old man rejuvenated and strong.

“Specifically, the” seven losses “:” closed on one day, leaked on the second, exhausted on the third day, not on the fourth day, troubled on the fifth day, six days off, seven days fee. ”

“That is, a loss refers to the pain of the penis during sexual intercourse, the imperfect tract of the sperm, and even the lack of sperm to diarrhea. This is called occlusion.

The second loss refers to sweating during intercourse, which is called Yang Qi leakage.

The three losses are to say that the sexual life is not controlled, the transfer is inexhaustible, and the semen is wasted, which is called “exhaustion”.

Four losses means that the impotence is not raised during the crossing, so “Don’t”.

Breathing disorders caused by the five loss finger intercourse, asthma, booing, annoyance, and confusion, called annoyance.

Six Loss means that when the woman has no sexual impulses or sexual demands at all, the man is irritable, not good at waiting, even rude and forced to intersect. Such a sex life is naturally extremely uncoordinated and will bring great pain to the woman.Damage to their physical health will affect the pros and cons of the fetus and cause damage to the complications. Therefore, it is called “absolute”, which means closed to despair.

Seven losses refer to the rapid rush of time when the connection is made, the excessive use of spillage, and the dissipation of energy in vain, so it is called “fees”.

“Baiyi” refers to the practice of qigong in sexual intercourse.

“Tianxia to Dao Tan” also added: “One day governs qi, two causes foam, three knows time, four accumulates gas, five accumulates energy, six accumulates gas, holds win on seven days, and decides on eight days.
“That is, Yiyi means that qigong guidance should be practiced prior to sexual intercourse, and air conduction should be conducted to make the whole body qi and blood flow smoothly.

Eryi refers to the fluid contained under the tongue, which can be swallowed from time to time to nourish the body; it also refers to its Yin fluid, which is also essential for intercourse. These are called “treatment foam”.

Sanyi said that he should be good at grasping the timing of intersection, which is called “knowing the time”.

Four benefits is to accumulate essence, and to tolerate semen without diarrhea.

Wuyi refers to swallowing saliva and excluding yang fluid, and the two parties are very coordinated in the intercourse.

Liuyi is saying that the right thing to do is to stop, don’t be exhausted and save your energy.

Qiyi said that there is room for intermingling to keep the spirit full, so as not to hurt the vitality. It is called “holding win”, that is, holding profit.

Bayi said that when the sexes intersect, the man shouldn’t fall in love, which is called “fixed”, which means to prevent dumping.

It can be seen from the above that the “seven losses and eight benefits” mentioned here is very beneficial to health, and has a positive significance for maintaining women’s physical health, reducing women’s diseases, and even contaminating eugenics.

  It can be seen from the above that the traditional Chinese medicine sexology has a long history. When the traditional Chinese medicine was formed two thousand years ago, it had already begun to have a number of specific understandings of sex. In particular, it was realized that the harmonious and pleasant nature of sex reflects the health of the whole body and contributes to longevity.
These are invaluable, and the sexual health and healing ideas it contains need to be explored and improved.

  3 Secret Recipes for Preserving Diseases and Preserving Health and Effectiveness In the long-term clinical practice of Chinese medicine, the development of traditional Chinese medicine is based on the summary of experience.It is full of danger and blindness.

However, through the continuous practice and development of traditional Chinese medicine, the Compendium of Materia Medica written by Li Shizhen (1518-1593) of the Ming Dynasty has completely completed all Chinese medicines in a comprehensive scale. The book lasted 27 years, 2 million words, and received medicine in 1892Species, 1100 drawings, 11,000 attachments, can be described as a miracle in the history of world medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is classified according to cold, hot, warm, and cold four qi and acid, bitter, sweet, sweet, and salty, so that the application of traditional Chinese medicine is fully guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

For example, the symptoms of TCM syndromes can be balanced with cold medicine. The symptoms of TCM syndromes can be treated with tonic medicines. The so-called four-qi and five-flavor medicines are classified according to the curative effect of the medicineAccording to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, sour and sweet can turn yin and Xingan can turn yang, so the medicine can be used to adjust yin and yang.

In the past century, Chinese medicine has found that many Chinese herbal medicines have a health care effect on sexual function, and the effect is obvious. It is widespread in the clinic and attracts people’s attention.

From the application methods, there are the following categories: (1) Drugs.

Including velvet antler, antlers, antler cream, ambergris, shayuanzi, schisandra, raspberry, golden cherry, yam, cistanche, dodder, wolfberry, psoralen, cynomorium, snake bed, nine incense, barEuphorbia ulmoides, Eucommia ulmoides, Curculigo, Dioscorea, Epimedium, Ginseng, Acanthopanax senticosus, Madagascar, Polygonum multiflorum, Polygonum multiflorum, Nootropic kernel, hippocampus, sea dragon, toad, fur seal kidney, etc.

(2) Medicine porridge.That is, cereal-based porridge with traditional Chinese medicine.

Commonly used medicinal porridges: yam porridge, jujube and yam porridge, beef kidney porridge, ginseng chicken porridge, queer medicinal porridge, umbilical porridge, wolfberry sheep kidney porridge, astragalus yam porridge, astragalus mulberry porridge, and mangoPorridge, Jin Yingzi porridge, shrimp soup porridge, antlers gelatine porridge, from mutton lamb porridge, golden cherry soup porridge, aconite porridge, Yizhiren porridge, Cynomorium porridge, Cuscuta porridge and so on.

(3) Medicinal wine.

Made with traditional Chinese medicine made from white wine.

Commonly used medicinal wines for sexual health treatment are: ginseng wine, yang wine, Erxian wine, ginseng sprinkle, yangchun wine, Morinda wine, wolfberry wine, fairy spleen (epimedium) wine, velvet wine, toadLiquor, Qiju wine, leek seed wine, soothe wine, Erdong wine, Schisandra medicinal wine, hedgehog wine, spleen and kidney helper wine, hippocampus wine and so on.

(4) Chinese patent medicine.

There are mainly Liuwei Dihuang Wan (tablets), Dabuyang Wan, Heche Daizao Pills, Zuogui Pill, Wuzi Yanzong Pill, Ziyin Baibu Pill, Qibao Meipi Pill, Suo Jing Pill, Jushengzi Pill, Yufu Pill,Jin Ying Zi Wan, You Gui Wan, Liu He San, Qing Mo Wan, An Shen Wan, Shenrong Sanitary Pill, Shengui Deer Antler Pill, Quanlu Pill, Fitness Quanlu Pill, Deer Cream (Deer Placenta Cream), Second KidneyPills and so on.

  4 Atmosphere Health Chinese Medicine’s unique health thought Chinese medicine believes that sex is the most basic manifestation of yin and yang union, and adult sex life is the basic method of balancing yin and yang in the body.

Appropriate sex life is beneficial to human health, and has the effect of yin tonic or yang tonic.

For example, “The Secret of the Jade Room” said: “Men and women are in harmony, and they are in harmony with each other.

People lose their way of connection, so there is dying.

“Visibility is something that is necessary and natural for the human body.

In fact, Chinese medicine regards modest and pleasant sexual life as one of the methods of whole body health care.

Moderate and beneficial sexual life can make people prolong their lives. Therefore, room health is considered to be the first study of human health. It, together with traditional Chinese medicine diet health, qigong health, Taiji health, and medicine health, constitutes the health care thinking and health of Chinese medicine.method.

  It should be pointed out that although sexual health in Chinese medicine is sometimes the most basic activity of human beings, sex is the most natural and necessary activity of human beings. Sexual pleasure plays an important role in the balance of yin and yang in the human body.There are obvious differences and differences from western medicine. These differences cannot be completely negated according to the current self-knowledge, but must be understood and considered in terms of the overall concept and overall balance of Chinese medicine, so as to make the understanding and methods of Chinese medicine moreGood service to patients and everyone.

Such as the “preservation” of traditional Chinese medicine.

In traditional Chinese medicine, semen and plasma are the most important essence of the human body. There is a doctrine of the mutual production of essence and blood. For the energy storage of the human body, there is the metaphor of “one drop of essence and ten drops of blood”.

This shows its value to semen, so “preserving sperm” has become an important part of health.

In addition, traditional Chinese medicine associates semen with the brain and believes that “the kidney hides the essence and the main marrow”. The existence of semen is a necessary condition for the human body to maintain sufficient qi and to be wise.

These are inconsistent with the understanding of Western medicine semen just some protein and water.

Because of these differences, there is a significant difference in the degree of recognition of semen between Chinese and Western medicine.

Contemporary Chinese medicine no longer equates semen with the “fine” of traditional Chinese medicine, nor does it equate the ejaculation monument with the loss of the essence of the human body, resulting in the fear of ejaculation, which no longer causes the so-called “movement and less leakage”.The theory of peace with yin and yang still stands out for moderate moderation and capacity. Excessive sexual orientation is exhausted and memory is sloppy, while too little sex is not conducive to mental pleasure. Moderation makes people with sexual orientation feel refreshed.Cool, good for people’s health and health.