2021 Song Qingling International Youth Exchange Camp Sluiting

Deze sessie dekt 8 concerten, 7 kunstenaar, 5 Chinese traditionele culturele microklasse, binnenlandse en buitenlandse platforms om uit te zenden. Wereldwijde adolescenten studeren door online, deelnemen aan het refrein, cello, lang aantal, piano, Peking Opera, China Printing, Lint Disc, Chinese […]


Shenzhen opened 2021 ninth piano music season

  It is understood that the month’s 2021 ninth Shenzhen piano music season will bring about 30 piano theme music activities, in the form of an online interaction, open a special concert, public welfare concert, local piano teachers and students,Social art […]


2018 Zhangjiakou · Kangbao Grassland International Marathon

  2018 Zhangjiakou · Kangbao Grassland International Marathon ran on July 22, 2018 Zhangjiakou · Kangbao Grassland International Marathon ranted.The event is jointly hosted by the China Track and Field Association, Zhangjiakou Sports Bureau, and the Kangbao County Government.   This event […]


Three major shocks, hitting Brazil, economic expectations

[] The price of bulk commodities fell, the global economic slowdown and the new crown epidemic continued, and this three impact have hit the economic growth expectation of Brazil this year. International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Latin America and the […]


Shandong strengthens network order food safety supervision

  Recently, the 36th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of Shandong Province listened to the report of the provincial government on the province’s food safety work inquiries. According to the report, the various departments at […]