Xia Jianyi finished,He carried the stick and rushed up,Zhao Sixteen did not expect that his trick would not work for Xia Jian at all,He couldn’t help being surprised,Wave of right hand,Left hand fist,When lifting up,He couldn’t help screaming,This left arm hurts like it’s broken,Can’t lift it at all。

“Boss!What’s wrong with you?”A guy next to Zhao Sixteen cried out。 Zhao Shilu held his left shoulder with his right hand and wailed:“Oops hello!Lao Tzu’s shoulder seems to be broken by this guy,Brothers give me up,Beat to death” Xia Jianyi […]


Chapter six hundred and ninety Kill

“The induction is getting stronger,They are just ahead。”’Big earthworm’Faithfully fulfilling the duties of a guide along the way,At the same time reminding Li Tianchou,The other party can also sense its existence。 “The front is Xinhua Town,There are actually three clones […]


Completely protect Long Villa,Just feel that you are embarrassed,You can go to the prison yourself.?Also put it in your eyes?

“waste!”The emperor’s anger is screaming, Cao Zhengyu。 “Old slave,Emperor thousands of heavy dragons……Cough。”Cao Zhengyu,I try hard to cough out blood。 at this time,“Mother driving”Sound comes…… Tournaine riots,Calculate a paragraph,Emperor also needs to rest,Even in the premature appease,Cao Zhengfu first treatment,Chu […]


I wish Minglang an awkward smile。

He glanced at Xiaoye Jiao, whose body was barely covered with purple granular scales,A little bit purple,Not a purple dragon? Mr. Koi wagging his tail,Around Zhu Minglang、Xiao Ye Jiao、Little Ying Ling has turned a few times,I don’t know if I’m […]


Half an hour later,Xia Jian just walked out of the bathroom。After he gets dressed,And said to Guo Meili:“I went into the mountain today to take a picture of the natural scenery,Find someone to get me,Edit into short film format“

“what!What are you doing?I don’t quite understand。Our company has talents in this area,Should be done tonight,It’s just that you are playing around,There is no need to bother others to rest“Guo Meili was a little surprised and said。 Xia Jian said […]


When Fang Yu came to Dean Chang’s office。

Found two strangers,Instead of Dr. Cai and his daughter! “Who are they?” Fang Yu takes a look,An age is probably around fifty,Another person,Is about 70 years old。A middle-aged,An old man。 “This is Xi Mo, the vice chairman of Qingxin Ancient […]