Chen Geng nodded,“Yes,Is such that,Want to solve this problem,it’s actually really easy,Add an exhaust variable valve timing technology on the exhaust side,Combined with the intake variable valve timing to form the intake and exhaust continuous variable valve timing technology.。”

What Chen Geng took out was just the intake variable valve timing technology(VVT)That’s it,Want to make up for the engine in the middle、The problem of insufficient torque at low and medium speeds,In addition to the intake variable valve timing technology, […]



Whoosh!Whoosh! Ten weapons fly in the air,Break through,The scene is spectacular。 Flew upside down with these weapons,And Gong Hu’s huge body。 He is like a leaky ball,Flew out at least eight meters away,Bang,Fell heavily to the ground。 This scene is […]


exactly,It’s not how sharp the other party’s words are,But the situation looks,He and He Bushi have no chance of winning,Knowing he will die,But still generous to die,Live to death,And then fight for the subtle first-line vitality,This is not a strong mentality that ordinary people can do。

obviously,Wei Xiaoxing is not such a strong man,His face is getting ugly,Finally squatted on the ground,Reach out to cover your abdomen。 “Ouch!My stomach hurts!It hurts!I may not be able to fight!He Bu,Why don’t we stop fighting?” This remark,The audience burst […]


“I have no dizziness?that is notCCTVLogo?”

“Noticed it a long time ago,It should be a CCTV program,It seems,Brother Hu is going to be on fire this time。” “This makes sense,It’s like Brother Hu doesn’t have fire。right now,This live streaming platform,I have never heard of Brother Hu,Shouldn’t […]