Daxie Dongdong National Science and Technology Award is reduced, Shanghai can put three major "first fight"

The past award-winning "Creation and Protection and Research and Utilization of Rice Genetic Resources" project is led by the Shanghai Agricultural Biosome Center, 10 units participate in completion, both research institutes across the country, and companies. The Shanghai 48 award-winning projects have been completed by the Shanghai scientific research unit, accounting for the total number of Shanghai awards, and the lead items in three consecutive years are more than 50%.

This is not only the embodiment of Shanghai’s innovative policy source and scientific research skills. "Shanghai agriculture is minimal, it is impossible to become agricultural market, but will become a strong agricultural technology.

"Cai You Ming, the Dean of the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the national high level in Shanghai Agriculture Station, only technological innovation.

In 2000, the establishment of major special projects in Shanghai launched the construction of "Shanghai Agricultural Genome".

In 2002, the gene bank was built and established the "Shanghai Agricultural Biochemical Center" management to run the gene bank.

At the time of the China Rice Research Institute, I have not thought about it later, I have become the central chief scientist.

"Do you study whether rice runs wrong in Shanghai?" I received an olive branch from Shanghai. He hesitated himself, and he did not dare to take his own research.

The Shanghai Agricultural Committee, Mao Mao, once a secondary analysis of the Mission of the Gene Center, and Luolijun was said. "The primary task of gene libraries is to collect rice germplasm resources, protect, and then the development and utilization of germplasm resources." Rally, the Ralemili, which is guarding the drought and drought, is aware that this is the basis of the basis of the basics.

The collection protection of germplasm resources is a long-term, monotonous and heavy work. It is difficult to form an important result in a short period of time, publish a papers with high impact factors.

The Ralei Army found that the researchers of Shanghai’s own innovation, openness, inclusive genes, and the north of the north, and the Northern Sea are able to study the research. "Over the years, the competent authorities have never requested that we have made a result, what award, but in turn to solve the problem of researchers, hungry.

Ralemili said. Since then, a group of researchers headed by Raleigh, horses the horses, walked into the north, looking for high quality rice germplasm resources, especially dry rice seeds.

"I heard a wild rice seed, I can’t wait to catch it right away, I will be excited when I see wild rice, as if there is a mission to drive.

"After years of hard work, the Shanghai Agricultural Biological Society collected 360 species, a total of 230,000 germplasm resources, and the number of genetic resources in rice is the world’s most comprehensive, and the national breeders are available. The rich data resources. More than 20 years ago, the Ralemilitary team broke through the "bottleneck" of rice germplasm resources and the environment, and developed less pesticides, less fertilization, water-saving and drought resistance, high-yield quality. Super rice. In 2020, the flooding area of ??Wangjiaba, Anhui Province, almost all plants were covered, the only remaining "rice strong".

"The purpose of collecting rice germplasm resources is to put out to share the researchers, educate better rice varieties. This is one of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Strategies." So far, Shanghai Agricultural Genum Library is widely available Applications in the breeding and basic theory of rice varieties in my country, resources share more than 80,000 times, cloning a batch of important genes, butting into 327 new varieties, of which 71 rice new varieties promote the production of Suijing No. 18 The largest variety of rice growing in rice in my country, with an annual promotion area of ??more than 10 million mu. Enterprise technology innovation subject strength is active in Shanghai 48 awards, and the company has won 4 first prizes, 12 second prizes, accounting for 1/3 of Shanghai. In the 20 three-year-old generic project participating in cooperation in Shanghai, the city’s enterprises participated in nine, more than colleges and research institutes, corporate integration, and even lead high-level innovation networks, and more widely configured innovative resources. In particular, the "Autonomous Development and Industrialization of Highlight Magnetic Resonance Medicine Imaging Equipment" project led by Shanghai Lianying Medical Technology Co., Ltd., won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, is 14 years of Shanghai, once again led by private enterprises. .