Qin Shuifeng listened,I raised my brow and said:“What money does he have,It’s not my father’s”

“Hi hi hi!See what you said,Your father’s money is not yours yet,Your money is my money,What do we divide between you and me,When the factory opens,Let’s get the certificate”Wang Youfa said with a smile。
Wang Degui sitting on the kang listened,A little disappointed and shook his head,And Chen Yuejuan who has not spoken,Jump off the kang,Add some water to Qin Shuifeng’s cup,Speak softly:“Drink water,Water Phoenix“The sound is soft like water。
First0256chapter Sun Yuejuan was hit
Ouyang Hong returned to town,Really got employed,No documents received,It’s just that Secretary Li verbally conveyed。
I wanted to ask clearly,But he changed his mind,Stop it!Anyway, Pingyang Town has signed a cooperation agreement with Venture Group,The leisure agriculture project has not yet started,I just take this to take a break,She who wants to understand,Explain to the new Deputy Mayor Zhao,Went straight to the city。
When Xia Jianzheng and Guo Meili were watching the renovation progress in the newly rented office,Suddenly the phone rang,He opened it,See it is a strange number,Hung up the phone。
“President Xia,There is nothing wrong with the design and construction,It’s just that the progress can be faster“Guo Meili suddenly said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded,I called the person in charge of the decoration company,Arrange them to work overtime,Hope to finish as soon as possible。Waited to walk the whole floor,Xia Jian just walked upstairs with Guo Meili。
Fang Fang drove the car to the door,After the two got in the car,Guo Meili’s Site Selection and Decoration of New Office Building,Express very satisfied,Xia Jian smiled,Suddenly asked Fang Fang who was driving:“Fang Fang, you personally think it’s better to work in Pingdu,Better to be in Bucheon?“
“Each has its own strengths!Pingdu city is small,But few people,All aspects are still waiting for improvement,Of course for our developers,This is a great opportunity“Fang Fang is driving,Just say so casually。