The boss is very talkative:“Any way。”

“The first thing I must say is,There is no U.S. military equipment that best suits the needs of the Chinese military,Only the most suitable U.S. military equipment,”Chen Geng said:“But if we can reach a cooperation agreement,I can base on what President Reagan told me and what I know about U.S. military equipment,Among the existing equipment of the U.S. military, I recommend to you some equipment suitable for China’s characteristics as much as possible.。”
Chen Geng’s first sentence moved this famous boss,He nodded:“Makes sense,Xiao Chenna,Which equipment do you think is suitable for our China?”
“Which aspect is it??navy?air force?army?fighter?Helicopter?Your boss has to give me directions so I can talk to you,”Chen Gengmian is difficult to color:“Otherwise this topic is too big。”
“Hahaha……This is my negligence,”Big guy is big guy,After listening to Chen Geng’s complaint,Not angry,Instead, he readily admitted his mistake。A little bit,He said:“Then you can talk about helicopters,Which Yankee helicopter do you think is best for us?”
Chen Geng was a little surprised,He didn’t expect the big guy to ask if it’s not military equipment like warships and fighter jets on the front line.,Instead, I asked about helicopters that China doesn’t take seriously.……interesting!
Chen Genglue pondered,Said:“U.S. military helicopters are roughly divided into two categories,One is the transport helicopter of logistics auxiliary type,This category isUH——60‘Black Hawk’withUH—1‘Huey’General purpose helicopter、CH—54“Tahe”withCH—53“Stallion”Heavy helicopter as representative;The other type is combat helicopters fighting on the front line,Also called gunship,This category isAH—1“cobra”,of course,And the U.S. military has not officially entered service、It’s just a small batch of equipment wrongAH—64‘Apache’military helicopter。
in my opinion,Most suitable for China’s current situation,Not a gunship,It’s a universal multi-purpose helicopter like the Black Hawk and‘Tahe’、‘Stallion’This heavy gunship,Ok,Even ifCH—47‘Chinook’This helicopter can also。”
“Ok?”The boss looked at Chen Geng strangely:“Xiao Chen,Why do you think this helicopter is best for us,Not a powerful gunship like the Cobra?”
First587chapter Tilted balance
? Chen Geng:“Because we can’t produce this thing。”