5 Beauty Habits for Better Health

5 Beauty Habits for Better Health

Here will present you the freshest and most interesting beauty products and makeup tools. Here you will find the secrets of beauty experts from all over the world . 1 Add shadows and double your eyes!

  Want to make your eyes grow quieter and deeper?

Forget the thick thick eyeliner and fake lashes, the secret is: use a multi-color eye shadow palette to create eye shadows.

First apply the highlight color to the entire upper eyelid, starting from under the eyebrows to the eyelids, brightening the brow bone and adding eye makeup to the base, and then blur the shadow color that is lighter than the darkest one from the outer corner to the eye socket to cover the entire eyeball.Then, draw the darkest thin sponge stick on the entire upper eyelashes and one-half of the roots of the lower eyelashes. Finally, open the brighter color one deeper than the highlight on the eyelids, lighten the eyes, and the ends of the eyes.

Eyes doubled instantly!

  2 Eyes “唰 唰” to do eye-catching!

  All day computer radiation and damaged wreckage of contact lenses make the original young bright eyes turbid and chaotic in advance. Eye makeup alone can not show the gaze. It is necessary to learn to move the eyes and eliminate toxins from the eyes. Come togetherLearn a set of eye-catching exercises.


Sit down, keep your head still, and let your eyes alternately look upwards and downwards. After a few rounds, alternately look to the left, look to the right, and then look at the upper left, lower right, and upper right, and lower left separately. It should be noted thatThe frequency of the alternation should be from slow to fast and faster and faster.


Also keep your head still, and your eyes rotate clockwise and counterclockwise respectively, and the frequency of rotation is getting faster and faster.


The last two palms rubbed and rubbed, quickly covering both eyes, and felt that the eye area was filled with new circulating warm current.

Repeat rubbing and cover more than three times.

  Do it when you feel tired and tired. The brightness of your eyes will make you feel energetic!

  3 soaking method to coat the hair with sunlight and air conditioning to make the hair dull and dull. Even the daily conditioner and leave-in spray, the effect is very general.

Teach you a trick to make your hair look polished!

After daily washing and washing work, prepare a “brightening serum”, put warm water enough to soak your hair in the washbasin, and then drip in the brightening serum and olive oil.It can also be vegetarian. Stir well, soak the hair, especially the entire end of the hair, gently stroke, massage, and rinse with water after five minutes.

After drying, you will find that the gloss and weight of the hair ends have increased, and the hair is coated with a fine gloss, which is particularly shiny and plump.

  4Want to make the mask firmer and longer?

  Many people’s wounds are not tight enough when applying the mask. When they are applied for a while, there are gaps and bubbles. What should I do?

The method is simple, you just need to prepare a bottle of mineral water spray.

Before applying the mask, use a spray to spray some water evenly on it, so that the skin’s hydrophilicity will be improved, and it will be easier to absorb the mask. Then, unfold the mask, align it, and apply it.Then use the spray to spray evenly on the outside of the mask. Remember to focus on the undulating areas, such as around the eye sockets, the nose bridge, the cheekbones, and the chin. Finally, don’t forget to face the outermost edge and spray it in a circular motion.

After spraying, the moisture will absorb the mask firmly on the skin, and it will delay the drying speed, so it can be applied more continuously.

  5 “Tumbler” detox method In addition to eating more fruits and vegetables, you can try to “roll out” the body toxins, learn a very simple one in yoga.

First lie down on the bed or sofa (or put a carpet on the floor), take a deep breath, slowly bring your knees close to your chest and exhale slowly, pay attention to the belly when you inhale, and when you exhaleTighten the belly inward, embrace the entire calf and thigh with both hands, and let the alignment try to get close to the chest. After taking a deep breath, transfer the power of the lower back and legs to let the body sit up, inhale and lie down, exhaleAnd so repeatedly.

With the hips and coccyx as the axis, the embracing body rolls back and forth like a tumbler. The arms are always clenched to their legs, and their feet and heads do not touch the ground.

Rolling every day can speed up disturbance creep.