TCM Health Rejuvenation

TCM Health Rejuvenation

The ancient medical book “Shou Shi Bao Yuan” has a poem: “Take care of your spirits and keep your spirits more spiritual.

The general idea is: if you want to extend your centenary for a long time, you must first consolidate your energy and maintain your spirit.

Indeed, keeping up the mind is an important part of keeping in good health. Only mental health can truly live long.

  The medicine of the motherland believes that essence, energy and spirit are the three treasures of the human body, which are the internal factors that can cure disease and prolong life. Spirit and energy are the material foundation of God.

Essence of Qi is prosperous and deficiency of energy is debilitating.

God is the external manifestation of the entire human life activity, that is, the mental state and thinking activity of man.

God occupies the primacy of the human body. Only God’s existence can make all the phenomena of human life.

Experts in ancient health homes pointed out: “Shen Qiang will live longer.

The “God Strong” mentioned here really means that the mind of God is sound.

Only when the brain and spirit are sound, can it play a role in dominating the life activities, coordination of the internal organs, physical movements, and common sense, so that the whole body is in a normal physiological state of yin-yang balance.

Therefore, Jing Jing, Qi filling, God is all the basis for nurturing growth and life, and the key to regulating Jing Jing, Qi, God is to cultivate God.

  Throughout the ages, medical practitioners, Taoists, and health keepers have attached great importance to mental conditioning, recognizing the role of mental healing and mental health.

I believe that the key to health is to eliminate distractions.

Keeping your heart simple and undivided, and in accordance with the law of heaven, you can achieve the purpose of health.

They believe that “good living people, do not work for God, do not bitter shape, God’s shape is both safe, and what causes evil”.

The famous doctor Shi Tianji wrote a “Song of Eliminating Illness”: “People may be born with weak blood and will not be happy for disease.

When you are sick, you must be happy, but you are sick.

Heart disease suffers from heart medicine doctor, unhappy to take medicine empty.

Come and sing my jolly song is the elixir of life.

“God can only gain, not lose, only peace, not chaos.

When you are hurt, you are distraught. When you are distressed, you are forgetful, insomnia, and dreamy. If you do n’t stay, you are crazy, and even faint.

The soothing person lies in the seven emotions of moderation, joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, terror, and surprise.

“His sadness, anger hurts the liver, thinking of hurting the spleen, sadness of the lungs, fear of hurting the kidneys”, the injuries of the five internal organs are scattered, the scattered mentality weakens the mind, and the decay of the mind is ill.

The above three are related to each other and cause and effect each other.

Modern medicine also confirms that 50% -80% of human diseases are caused by excessive mental stress, such as high blood pressure, tachycardia, and nervous breakdown.

  As for health, Chinese medicine has a statement that “medicinal nutrition is not as good as food nutrition, food nutrition is not as good as intensive nutrition, and intensive nutrition is not as good as god nutrition”.

The so-called spiritual recuperation mainly refers to paying attention to mental health.

To be quiet, peaceful, calm, open-minded, calm and gentle, you must not be resentful and irritable.

“Everyday lives, so does the god.”

If people only pay attention to self-cultivation, strengthen diet and nutrition, and do not know how to raise the mind, they are not good at raising the mind, it is difficult to obtain a healthy and long life.

Numerous examples since ancient times have shown that those with a broken heart and chest who care about personal gains and losses are rare in those who can live a rare age, and those who are open-minded and optimistic can often enjoy longevity.

The path of life is bumpy and unsatisfactory, especially after people enter old age, due to social roles, interpersonal relationships, health conditions, personality and emotions, etc. will change. If you can’t grasp your “God” well, oftenCan produce loneliness, depression, loss, inferiority and other negative psychology.

From a health perspective, the ability of the elderly to maintain a good personality, optimism, noble upbringing and happy mood in their later years is of great significance for longevity.

Therefore, while the elderly pay more attention to “cultivation”, they should also pay more attention to “cultivation” and “adjustment”.

  In short, health should focus on spirit.

The depletion and tranquility of God are related to the health and longevity of people.

If people can abide by ancient teachings, cultivate morality, cultivate sentiment, and strengthen their minds, they can enjoy the life of “days of life”.