State Post Office: November 1st to 11th National Handwise 4776 million pieces year-on-year increase

People’s Network Beijing November 12 (Reporter Yang Yupo) National Post Office Monitoring Data Show, November 1st to 11th, national postal, express delivery enterprises have treated shipping billions of shipping billions, which increased by more than 20% year-on-year.Among them, on November 11th, the express mail billion is treated, and the history is high.It is reported that this year’s express delivery business has a total of 92 days from the eve of November to 2022 (February 1).

Due to this year’s e-commerce platform promotion model and rhythm, the promotion peak has become the "single peak" in previous years (November 11), this year’s "double peak" (November 1 and November 11), resulting in this yearThe entire promotion period express delivery has produced a certain degree of shunt, "Double 11" on the day of business growth is not obvious, but the traffic growth in the 1st to 11th is still more than 20%.