One person, let the treatment are more accurate, more human – Qinghai, go all the best to treat new coronal pneumonia confirmed patients [3]

Sun Bin and colleagues who have separated ward from Qinghai Provincial People’s Hospital, Sun Bin, and colleagues wearing thick protective clothing, Sun Bin, and colleagues are adjusting patient treatment programs, by observing patient’s mental state, monitor heart rate and blood pressure, reassessment Patient condition. Qinghai Province Fourth People’s Hospital is the main battlefield for the treatment of patients with confirmed patients in Qinghai, China, and 12 patients in Qinghai are treated here.

The newly crown pneumonia Medical treatment expert group consisting of national, provincial infectious department, severe department, respiratory department, and specialist nurse, and the specialist nurses, every day, the ward is compensated and the virus, Sun Bin is one of them.

As the captain of HI medical team in Qinghai Province, he has been fighting for 52 days in Wuhan, and this time he is "two fire lines".

"Different from Wuhan epidemics, many patients in this epidemic are very small, and there is a patient when there is a very mental state, only mild pharyngeal, fatigue, muscle soreness and other symptoms.

However, it was found that the patient had a very low blood oxygen saturation and the heart rate was also very fast.

This is obviously abnormal.

Sun Bin said that this is characterized by a large virus load of Delta strain in medicine, and a shorter incubation period, more hidden, more embarrassing, and more embarrassing. Length of Medical Treatment Experts in Pneumonia, Zhuoma, deputy dean, Qinghai Provincial People’s Hospital, introduced the joint consultation of these 12 licensed patients, and analyzed the physical conditions of each person, and confirmed "one person and one after the study of each person’s body conditions. Personalized treatment of the policy, and uses the treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. As of now, in the treatment of all diagnosis of patients in Qinghai, the participation rate of traditional Chinese medicine reached 100%. "There are some people in patients with basic diseases, ‘one person ‘Can make the treatment more accurate.

"Sun Bin said that the old man who was confirmed in the diagnosis of the old man in the past, once developed as a severe patient, the expert group decided to have an injection of new crown pneumonia rehabilitation in the elderly to recover the plasma and neutralizing antibody, which not only enables the patient’s symptoms Effective alleviation, body indicators are gradually improved.

"At present, the old lady is very good, and it has also been turned into a normal type.

"Many patients will have fear, anxiety, and don’t want to talk, refuse to communicate, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. "Sun Bin said that in order to alleviate the psychological stress of patients, the Group of Experts has joined psychological counseling and treatment in the treatment. The psychotherapists from the Third People’s Hospital of Qinghai Provincial Department deep into the ward, carrying out" one-on-one "psychological counseling and coaching for patients. .

"Our psychological guidance is mainly treated by cognitive behavior, and different measures are taken to each patient.

Sometimes the patient will listen to music, do it, encourage patients to have confidence in victims.

Malin Mountain, attending physician at the Third People’s Hospital of Qinghai Province, said.

Zhuoma said that the hospital also considers the actual situation when distributing the ward.

There is a three-in-law, and the treatment team specializes in living in the same ward.

"Family is sometimes better than drugs", and a family stays together, the treatment is better. In order to let the patient rehabilitate as soon as possible, the hospital is deliberately equipped with two professional nutritionists to customize personalized recipes for patients.

As of November 9, Qinghai New Crown Pneumonia Remaining Patients has been cleared. On the 10th, the first case of confirmed cases in Qinghai was discharged.

"Now all patients are light or ordinary, from the current situation, the treatment is good." Zhuoma said. "Don’t hesitate to treat every patient!" This is all the voice of medical staff who participated in the treatment.

"Just like the firefighters rushed to the fire, the soldiers went to the battlefield, and the doctor’s day duty was to save the wounded.

In the face of patients, we must go all out, don’t choose! "Sun Bin said firmly. (Xinhua News Agency, Zhou Sheng, Central Damida).