Shandong Traffic Technician College: Red Culture is rooted in the heart of education

As a college rooted in Yimeng red fertile soil, Shandong Traffic Technician College puts red culture into teaching, combined with party history education, let students learn history, school history, study history, and study history.

In the party history, enhance patriotism, and courage to take a service in the new era of young people.

"The history of the Communist Party of China, writing history, is the struggle, telling the avenue, exploring the law, revelation is the case, the candle is the future.

We hope that every student in the college can clean the soul, enlighten the wisdom, to draw strength, facing the future, there is enough courage, Li Dehu people, seize every colorful opportunity, Rays. "The Dean of Shandong Traffic Technician College said.

Red Classroom Shot Red Seed Classroom as the main position of the College, Shandong Traffic Technician College Innovation Student Second Classroom, Organizing "Reading Red Classics Forever with the Party" Sunshine Morning Reading Observation Activities, Guiding students to actively read red classics, inheriting Chinese virtues, Carry forward the national spirit. "Chinese traditional culture itself has excellent genes such as’ knowing a ” Tiandao Remuneration ‘, so China is to understand the truth of’ empty talk.

Zhao Junhui, Vice President, Shandong Traffic Technician, said, "So through the classics, let the students have poetry books, and this red culture is to let students feel in the heart, the Communist Party of China will start with the work, to work with the work, Dedish development.

"In this end, the Shandong Traffic Technician College also grasped the key courses of the Lidshu people, the teacher first studied the history of the party, and launched the" 100-year-old party history "into the intensive classroom collective preparation meeting, through collective discussion, continuous improvement of teaching content, innovate teaching carrier, Let students want to learn and learn party history.

"The History of the Party is magnificent, there is a powerful force, how to let students like the party history, learn such strength, we repeatedly discuss, put these thick books, become students like to listen Red story, let them remember.

Chen Jing, deputy director of the Basic Department of Shandong Traffic Technician College, said.

Through the intensive class, Shandong Traffic Technician College launched a "100-year-old party history" in the whole hospital.

In order to consolidate the results of learning, use the pre-class critical time before thinking before the class, integrate the party history and integrate the party history into the classroom, create the "Today’s Today" "Party History Knowledge Small Class" and other forms "Five minutes" Party history micro class. A five-minute lecturer in the class can be a teaching and political teacher, or it can be a student group, and everyone collects materials, thinking collides, and teachers and students. Through the depth of this student, the inner heart is deeply touched and continues to enhance the enthusiasm of students’ learning party history. Building the Internet + Shengzheng Class Teaching Platform, the college carefully recorded 6 "five-minute party history micro-class" and the first phase of "thinking and miya class", all Rongdened to study the platform.

At the same time, the selection of excellent thinking teachers form a red propaganda group into each second-level college, and organized the "celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Party" and enrich the second class of students, listening to more than 1,500 students.