Duan Yu:……

Chapter 73 Drunk Wuxi
Chu Deirers, three people,Finally, I entered Wuxi in the middle of the night.,Time,Three people are just looking for a home inn,More three rooms——There will be a black shop in anyway.。
Early next morning,Chu Deirers and Wang Yin,Duan Yu is not in the room。
“Is this guest company to find the bonus of the peer??Duan Gongzi said in the morning,No need to wait for him to eat at noon。”Xiao Budi is busy coming over。
Chu Deirers have calculated it.,Duan Yu should not be invested,There is no more sure。
only……Duan Yu is really strong,It is clear that he is boating yesterday.,Actually, I still get better so early.!
at this time,Wang Yizhen’s stomach is a sound,See the Chu Deirers,Sorry,Chu Deirers said:“Hungry?Let’s go out to find a restaurant。”
“No use,exist、Eat in the inn。”Wang Yizhen is embarrassed to say。
“do not,This kind of inn now has no eating.,Are the hero package。”Chu Deirers shook the head。
“What is the hero package??”Wang Yizhen asked curiously。
“Each store is not the same,However, the body is a half pound of sauce beef、A pot of burning wine……And most of the price is priced,Waiting for the appreciation,Unfold!”Chu Deirers walking on the rivers and lakes.,There are still many places where I have passed.,Nature know these。
Black is not black and does not say,Wang Yizhen is not interested in soy sauce.,Especially Dongtai beef is smooth,It is not what she can accept.。
So I followed Chu Deiren on the street,Found a restaurant……
Left,Right,Wuxi’s food is really a lot,It is preparing to find some people to go in and try,Suddenly I found that the people on the street,It seems to have any lively。
“what?How do you get so many people in front??”Wang Yizhen seems to be excited,However, it is trying to suppress it.,Try to be calm。
Usually in Manda Villa,Strict tube bundle of mothers,The number of times that is so big to go out,Wang Yizhen is actually“Hobby”lively。
Just under the mother’s discipline,Wang Yizhen felt that the performance was excited,It seems to be soft,So suppressing its nature。
“That’s going。”Chu Deiren naturally said。
Although I gathered a lot of people,However, the Chu Deirers will take the front of the person in front with the sword handle.,Will always have a good person to give yourself and Wang Yin,Let Chu Deirers admire Wuxi people’s quality!
Come to front,I saw this restaurant.、The shopkeeper is happy,The hidden can smell the upstairs。
However, Wang Yao heard,But wrinkled the nose,Not greatly affected this wine odor。
Chu Deirers feel that this scene is familiar,So the conversation:“Shopkeeper,You are the tanks.?”
“No no,It’s upstairs to two live bushes.,Seeing this dozens of pounds。”The shopkeeper’s wine is sold,Obviously。
And these two“Living tank”,Still drink a bowl、A bowl,At first glance is the middle of the rivers and lakes,Powerfully pulled the economy of the kiln factory,The shopkeeper has decided,A bowl is added with a bowl when compensation……
“But what is this wine??Odor。”Chu Deirers have some guesses,And Wang Yizhen already wants to leave。
“I am sorry.,Two guests are not used to,I can only go next door today.。”Laughing laughter of the shopkeeper。
at this time,Chu Deirers also also heard the sound of laughing upstairs……And the sound of the bowl。
“It seems to be a brother,We went up and see?”Chu Deiren asked Wang Yin。
“Duan Gong is so greedy?Ok……”Wang Yizhen frown,But still agreed。
After the Chu Deman came in,Specially watching the floor,Didn’t find what water mark——It seems that the so-called six-stage god sword,It should be forced to take out the wine,Not really forcing the wine,This is also in line with the Chu Deiren’s understanding of the Slutaneous Sword。
And look at Duan Yu,At this time, the face is red,Really a few points of drunkenness……
According to the Chu Deiren’s understanding of the Slutaneous Sword,Duan Yu is useless,When the words are fighting, the spirit is not spiritual.,But forced a wine,It should be easy to?
Means of,Duan Yu is deliberately drunk.,Just don’t be drunk,Forced to accompany his opposite big man!
In the original,Duan Yu is currently listening to the fragrant water.,Different humiliations,After that, he only heard Wang Yin and Abi.、A Zhu is in the son、Care Murong,So the departure of the sour water,Come to Wuxi,When the mood is the most bad。
However, now,Not only two sisters,Also and his dear good brother Chu Deirers,It is a good mood.!