“That’s great,Cooperate can not be suspected,We must protect him。”

“You’re right,Yesterday he forced back,Although there is our cooperation,But the devil is not a fool,Even if there is a person who is suspicious of him is very dangerous。”
“Old six!Or you are experienced old,As long as you shot this, it should be stable.!”
“Big sister,Rumor,But still is not mature,What is going on, some are eager to seek,But young people will make such problems。”
“Old six,I also found that he is particularly easy to believe in people.,According to the common sense, the lower the identity of him.,But he seems to don’t care at all.,I even find us directly。”Ouyang Jianping said,
“I have already found him this problem.,But there is a little, I feel very strange.,That is what he is willing to be reliable.,It seems that he knows this.。”Zheng Yao said first,
“Also right,With his ability, it should not make such a low-level mistake.,But if he knows our chance, it is not a low-level mistake.,Instead, it reduces unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles.,It is also because of this, I have a few cooperation after we.。”Ouyang Jianping said,
“Um,Therefore, we must protect our best.,And let him ripe quickly!”
I was directly to the interrogation room next morning.,Zhuneng Yunzi gave a high defense,But not the bitterness of the flesh,But with a few glare lights, her body and eyes.,The other lights in the interrogation are all closed,The cold is only such a cold in the underwear.,This is a mentally tortage,Don’t want to sleep, don’t think。
“Cloud,Did you explain??”Qi Rui,
“Nothing,Ya Mei is still angry??”
“I have explained her.,She is not angry.。”
“Then do you want to continue??I can let you interrogate her alone.,You can do whatever you want,I didn’t use it for her for this.,Under this light, you see that she is more beautiful.!I am a bit embarrassing.。”Zhuneng Yunzi said,
“Thank you, Yunzi,But I have something else to handle now.,Wait until afternoon, can I come again??”Huriously swallowed the mouth of the mouth asked,
“It seems that Long Tiri Jun is still very known.,Not delaying things for women。”
“That is certain.,Besides, this woman is in our hands.,She can’t run again。”
“Since Jiuli Jun is so interested in her,I will leave you!”
Rui Rui looked at it and looked very painful,Laugh:“Miss Yunzi is really a good understanding.!Women who are like a cold exactly the most important Japanese imperial man want to conquer!”
Looking at the back of the bamboo in the back of the bamboo:I have not found a list on this almost cold.,And you long pooling is the only person who has been in contact with me.,It’s hard to unlock her underwear is not to take advantage of it.,But to take the list,This may not be no.。
Will it really do??If this is the case, it is too incredible.,But the cold can hide the list there.,She should not be seen at all,So not destroy,Where is it?,It’s still strange。
Zhuneng Yunzi finds all over the cold,I look at her belly, I have seen it.,But there is no list of traces。
“Cloud,She does not admit a list??”Wine Yihui asked,
“She said that she did open the safe,But did not find a list。”Zhuneng Yunzi said,
“If it is just a list, I haven’t written it at all.,Reporting in your mind is the best confidential method。”
“It is also true that this may。”
“You really don’t have a criminal penalty?”
“I just made a spirit of her spirit.,As for her, let’s leave for the long pool.!I have to see if he is really what he will do.!”
Zhuneng Yunzi feels very suspicious to junctivize from the last hotel bombings.,Because I want to think if he is not in the urine there.,I may find that the window of the toilet can have problems.,What do he do if he deliberately?。
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Although I don’t want to doubt a high-profile student of a CIC School,But the thing that day is the killer of the bamboo in the bamboo.,Therefore, Zhuneng Yunzi wants to use the cold to try a long history,If he is really bullying a cold,Then prove him no problem.。
Some reluctance to save the cold,Because this consequence is still quite serious,He has to kidnapped all his neighbors,Qi Rui is now in order to save people so much,I can only save people first and then find a way to elute suspects.。
Ten-point,Wine Yi Yibei suddenly received a call from Zheng Yao first.:“Wine long!Hello,My name is Zheng Yao first,I heard that you and Long Tiri have been looking for me.?”
“Zheng Yao first!?”This phone really makes wine well, beneficial, is very unexpected.,
“Be right,it’s me!”
“Do you call me, do you want to rely on our big Japanese empire??We will warmly welcome!”Wine Yi Yuxi laughed,
“Wine well,You think too much,I Zheng Yao first forever is your nightmare of these aggressors.!”