“what!?”The complexion of the three monks in the Purple Mansion changed drastically,They can sense the amazing aura of that wolf demon。

That majestic power,At least the old demon in Vientiane!
Just as these three Purple Mansion monks were preparing to fight to the death,A starlight casts down。
The two-headed wolf and the ferocious expression still remain on the face,But disappeared directly into powder。
The three monks in the Purple Mansion looked at each other。
In midair,Li Ming is surrounded by stars,A hint of pity flashed in my eyes。
Winter Journey to the Fairy Palace and the War of the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons,Finally broke out。
Although his deity travels in the hinterland of the big world in winter,The second soul also returned to the small world of Lei Yuan early,But the effects of the war inevitably spread。
Although he didn’t really join the war,But Li Ming also heard the details。
The beginning of the war,Just the gods of both sides、The Sanxian team infiltrated the East Land、West Sea,Start to slaughter each other’s strong。
quickly,Hundreds of small and medium sects were destroyed in the Winter Youxian Palace,And the side of the kingdom of monsters,Due to concentration of power,But very little loss。
In this case,A large number of monks fled to the hinterland of Dongtu,At the same time, the monks are missing,The demons in Dongtu are also in frequent chaos。
And the most bitter,Naturally the lowest mortal,The monk even if it’s the purple mansion monk,It’s not difficult to fly the flying sword to the hinterland。
But mundane,Even if you are riding an acquired beast,Can’t run much distance in a day。
What’s more, the brother of the Purple Mansion,And it’s easy to live alone。
But mortal,Especially the large number of mortal migration,Survival is a big problem。
“mortal,Always the most bitter!”
Li Ming has deep eyes,An invisible heart force covers thousands of miles。
The peak of the third state of mind,The range that can be covered,Is broader than the gods’ mind,Can outperform him in probing,There are only gods。
In Tianyun、Linhai and other counties close to the West Sea,The mundane is already empty。