The only one who is a little broken,But he’s the only master who didn’t come,Illuminati Augusta—But he is actually Ove’s main god clone,I know Wright’s strength easily。

“Damn,Damn it!Why is he so strong。”Angel reincarnation pool,Countless newly born angels knelt and shivered on the ground,I saw Augusta, the great ruler of light, venting his inner fear and anxiety in anger。
And in the plane of the god of light,Rage and restless light dominates compared,Magnolia Continent Material Plane,And connected to it,Wright’s Fusion Gods are all caught in a carnival。
The material plane of the Magnolia continent today,There are more than ten continents,Most of the continents have‘Lord Wright’Faith。
Maybe mortals and even Sanctuary don’t understand,But the gods who came from the Magnolia Continent and even the gods know this battle.。
As the natural leader of Magnolia,Wright’s strength status has improved,In fact, it also represents the improvement of the status of Magnolia。
If the previous Magnolia lineage is slightly stronger than the Augustus family,And now,Even the main gods are not willing to provoke Yulan’s line。
The one who laughs the most,Naturally, Beirut, the main god who was once suppressed by the rule of light。Back then, the ruler of light was just jealous of Wright。。Now even if the main god clone of Beirut runs in front of the Lord of Light,Borrow him the courage to destroy the main body and dare not do anything。
of course,Beirut won’t really run over,In case Augusta goes crazy,Isn’t it a gift。
And the creator of all this,Wright,But not at any banquet at the moment,And be with my wife and children,Enjoy family happiness。
With his research on the blood of the beast,Especially after defeating the Lord of Destruction,Wright directly used the blood awakening method of more than ten kinds of beasts to exchange the method of combining the talents and supernatural powers of the four beasts with him.。
Wright’s current strength is constantly improving,I am afraid that it will not take many years to completely surpass the master of destruction。
Now the entire Panlong universe,There is only Ove worthy of Wright’s serious hostility。
But Wright and Off have no grudges。The relationship between Augusta and Off is not enough for Off to deal with himself。
Wright is now almost invincible in this universe,Although the desire for strength,The exploration of the unknown will not stop—But I really want to say there is any real pursuit,Then only become the master of Hongmeng,Then try to return to my hometown。