Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“Already signed up!”

“Brother Wu has good eyesight,The veil on the little woman’s face is unstoppable,You already see my face?”The veil girl smiled,Asked rhetorically。
Lu Menglin didn’t expect this little girl to ask so directly,He nodded without thinking。
“ this way!There is no need for a veil in this palace!”The voice has not fallen,The veil girl gently stretched out her hand,Took off the veil,Show real face。
The moment she reached out and took off her veil,Several top powerhouses lurking in this courtyard are in a mess at the same time,Almost completely exposed。
Lu Menglin was also shocked,He didn’t know why those strong men hiding around suddenly became uncomfortable,He only knows the woman in front of him,Squad leader Su looks very much,so similar!
“Brother Wu,do I look good?”The girl’s innocent and brilliant voice,Sweet voice。
“Ok,good looking!You look so good to smile!”Lu Menglin nodded and smiled,Praise the Tao with a voice from the heart。
Suddenly,All the people present were almost thundered,Numb!
What’s the matter with these two?Mingming met for the first time,Why are you so close all at once??
Liu Wenzhang and Tu Shanming both widened their eyes,An expression of disbelief。
And Huang Shaotian looks lonely,She can’t figure it out,Brother Wuhao would never show such an intimate smile to other women。
The maid Xiaojuan standing aside was also shocked,She is one of the few people who knows what it means to take off the young lady’s veil,At the moment there is only a dull face。
“Brother Wu,You and I hit it off,How about making friends?”The beautiful girl smiled。
Lu Menglin looked at that beautiful face that seemed to be familiar,Nodded,Smiled:“we are already friends!”
After a few more glances,Lu Menglin had already seen the many differences between the girl in front of him and Su Xuehen.,But no doubt,She and Su Xuehen must be related by blood,And the blood is very close,Otherwise it will never be so similar。
By contrast,Su Xuehen is a bit simpler than her,But she is three points more expensive than Su Xuehen。
While Lu Menglin was looking at this noble and beautiful girl,The other party is also staring at him with interest。