39-year-old Jordanian prince Ali announced his candidacy for FIFA president

39-year-old Jordanian prince Ali announced his candidacy for FIFA president to challenge Blatter
闽南网1月7日讯 正在谋求连任的国际足联现主席布拉特遇到了挑战者,现年39岁的国际足联副主席、约旦王子阿里·本·阿尔·侯赛因6日正式宣布参与Election for the next president of FIFA.Ali Blatter Ali: It’s time for the change. At the age of 79, Blatter has been reelected for four terms in the position of FIFA president, and Ali’s campaign slogan is now the time to change.  Ali said in a short statement: This is not an easy decision to make, and I have also thought through it.In the past few months, I have had a lot of discussions with FIFA colleagues.I keep hearing some voices, and it is now time to make changes.There are media reports that Ali’s campaign was supported by UEFA President Platini.  As Blatter’s most threatening potential competitor, Platini announced last year that he would not participate in the election.After Ali announced his election, his spokesperson said Platini was very happy with the decision.The FIFA President’s Office has not yet expressed its attitude towards this matter.  So far, Ali is the only FIFA chairman contender except Blatter.In addition, Champagne, a famous French football player who once worked for FIFA, is also considering whether to participate in the election.Blatter: The task of leading the world football is not over. Since Blatter served as the head of FIFA in 1998, the world football has developed rapidly, FIFA has a wealth of money, and the number of members has been increasing.However, at the same time of high growth, many problems have emerged, especially corruption and gang issues have repeatedly caused dissatisfaction among the football community and even discord among members.During the reign of Blatter, he has encountered three large-scale forced palaces, but the well-regarded Swiss have all been involved in the dangers. The former FIFA vice chairman Zheng Mengzhun, the former UEFA chairman John Song, and the former AFC chairman Harman eventuallyHave become losers.  Recently, Qatar’s bid to host the World Cup allegedly bribed the election and put FIFA corruption on the cusp. Ali said in a statement on the 6th: We should now shift our focus from management issues to football itself.Football is a world sport, and of course requires a world-class management organization. This organization should be a model of ethics, transparency, and good management.  Ali joined FIFA management in 2011, and Blatter has been working for FIFA since 1975. When Blatter entered FIFA, Ali was not even born.Earlier, Blatter had stated that his mission to lead world football was still not over.  FIFA will elect the next chairman in Zurich, Switzerland on May 29.